Pimax Experience Won't Open in HMD

I finally got Pimax experience .60 installed with .84 Pitool this took awhile because my computer software wouldn’t let it install, but now my problem is the primax experience opens but not in my headset it opens up on my monitor screen anyone had this problem and a way to fix it

I see the post is from 11 days ago. Is this still the case for you?

If your headset is detected and being tracked by PiTool, everything should work.

When you see it in the monitor, does rotating your headset result in rotating what you see on screen? What about moving your headset up/down/left/right/forward/backward? Does it correctly show that it moves or does it seem to stay still?


Yes @arminelec you can see it in the monitor moving around with the hmd. And pitool it shows that the headset is connected and working fine but my screens are off.

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Is it only the PE that is not visible in your HMD? Does Steam VR show up correctly?

No as I said screen is black I have to turn pitool on and restart the service to get rid of these pimax experience and turn my screens on in my headset

I tested out a few scenarios with my Pimax HMD to see what could cause it. Nothing from the PE side could make this happen, therefore it should be either the computer or the headset.
Please see which one of the following might help you out:

  • In Pi Tool, under Settings tab, uncheck the “Start Pimax VR Home” option
  • Change the USB port the HMD is connected to
  • Clicking on the Restart Service button in Pi Tool
  • Power cycling the HMD
  • Re-inserting the HMD data cable on the headset side (it might have gotten loose)

If none of the above help you out and no one else has other possible solutions for you, then I’d recommend contacting Pimax directly (instead of the forum).

Let us know how it turns out.
I hope you get your headset working!


Really weird all of a sudden out of nowhere when I turn on my computer I have lights in my hmd and the pimax experience is still on my TV but it’s now also on in my headset and I did nothing to affect it


Sounds like the headset is entering standby/screensaver?

I’ve had that happen too. I.e. the headset wouldn’t exit the standby mode.

You can try to disable the screensaver in the HMD tab in PiTool.


Thank you I’ll try that

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