Pimax Forum New Hobby?

I just had the thought.

I was away from this forum for quite some time, do to what I regarded as excessive negativity.

As of late with the recent events and the more positive comments and feeling among Pimax inquisitors and supporters, have had a better feeling when logging into and reading comments and now actually feel it is an enjoyment to read about Pimax’s efforts and Pimaxer’s experiences.

I for the last few years have enjoyed experiencing and testing VR mostly with games and at infrequent times logged into the Pimax Forum for news and to read various opinions and comments. Now I’m realizing that reading this forum can be an enjoyable hobby in and of itself. Having supported Pimax since the early days of the Kickstarter campaign I recognize the familiar posters and the steadfast helpers on this forum and actually for the first time feel somewhat comfortable now about logging in.

I just had this thought I wanted to share
Thank you to Pimax especially and to the Pimax supporters who log in and share and are helpful here on this forum, hope you all a great success this year!



Hello Fresco,

We are so glad to hear that, thank you so much for supporting us along this. Without the Pimaxers, we wouldn’t reach the achievement we had today.
You are always welcome back to this community. Maybe you can share some useful tips for other users when they are facing problems. It would be great to see that and create a friendly community over here with all the Pimax Lovers.

Once again, thank you so much sir.

Have a nice day.