Pimax incorrect promotion information?

Hi all of you.
I’ve got a problem here. I just ordered the 8kx this we.
The pimax eu website offered the shipping price (announced 140 euros) and as a early backer of the 5k+, i decided to pass to the next level with this offer.
SO the bundle was anonnced at 1654 euros (8kx+2sticks+2base stations)
I paid with paypal and received the confirmation by mail.
BUT, now on the pimax website, (2days later) the offer is terminated but the price is 1570 euros!!! for the same bundle. (1654-140 = 1514 euros )
Is there a way to calculate a promotional price? Are you serious?

Another problem is about VAT price.
I saw (but too late ) that the shipping price did’nt consider the vat.
Should i will pay a 25% or more when the order come to my home?
If this is the case, i prefer to cancel my paypal (30 days insurance ) and give up.
Honestly, this is not feeling serious.
Thanks for any advice or answer.

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Was what you paid represented as a sale price?
If so what was the regular price?
If they had a sale and 2 days later lowered the price another $140 I would have cancelled the first order and re-ordered at that time.
Depending on your payment method you could well have recourse there.

Otherwise, the first Pimax employee to respond is going to tell you to open a ticket anyway and that would be advisable. Just try to be brief and exact in detail. You make it too complex and you will be beating your head against the wall. gl


Hi, thanks for the reply.
The price was 1654 for the whole package without shipping cost. (The cost was estimated to 140eu and showed in the promotional message.
So it would have been 1654 + 140 = 1794 eu without promo.
But now, the price is 1570 eu
Ive paid with paypal. Dont know if its normal.
Ill open a ticket…pfff

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@dogbite, i think i’ve found where the problem is. Terrible communication in fact (as usual… lol)
“The PI day special events : free shipping” consider that you can have the free shipping but only (in a small text hiden… ) for the headset.
So my bundle was headset+2 knuckles + 2 base stations.
My bag in pimax store was showing the bundle with free shipping option choosen, but, the final price certainly count the knuckles and the base station shipping cost. And they are delivered as another package…
I only see this explanation.
Of course the new price now for the bundle (1570eu) you must add 140 for the headset and some money for the knuckles and base stations…
That sounds pretty familiar with pimax coms lol


Last but not least, the vat price is not a sure thing if i understand well?
Some countries have more or less controls and are much more strict than others.
So, am i right to think of it as a risk and not a sure overcost? ( ive read of some 25% or more so that would become a very upper price imo.

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From where it ships? If it is from China you will be subject to local VAT and potentially import duty (if Pimax does not manage to submit the correct import codes), unless, Pimax already paid them on your behalf (without telling you) and then will later be trying to get them from you.

I would definitely clarify that ASAP.

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From where it ships? Well, i don’t know. I ordered from pimax eu website but nothing tells me the 8kx come from eu warehouses… :s