PIMAX, is your sword obsolete?

See the next gen playStation VR controller
Uploadvr article

see here:controller picture

I just wonder, if PlayStation took (part of) Your development?

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Not exactly a novel design


As this is console only it seems unlikely to make Index, Oculus or pimax controllers obsolete. Also the Sony designs are not released for purchase as of yet so how well they will work has not been proven as of yet.

On the plus? It will help to drive new controller ideas forward.

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Controllers are more about shape, weight, battery life, position of the controls etc. than unique features.

So the question would be more along the lines of does strawberry ice cream make chocolate and vanilla obsolete? Not really because there will be those who like one of the others or even all 3.


no worries, I am very curious about Pimax controller. (compared to the knuckles)
If similar to Pimax8Kx, then it maybe another unique selling product. I stay tuned.
By the way, I like mango ice as well…

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Mango Ice Cream is awesome! Red bean and black Sesame are nice as well.

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Sword controllers? Who here still believes they will ever see the light of day? It’s been almost four years


End of 2022 we will get them for sure :slight_smile:

3 years. Since they were originally planned to release in 2018. 4 years will be 2022 around this time.

I know if feels longer and has been longer than honestly should have been.

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Not obsolete just moot to those who prefer ministicks which would seems to be the majority.

I submitted that it is the Sense controllers that are obsolete, Valve having already made those. Where there is a need in the Llighthouse universe is a controller without all the finger tracking such as Sword but with the (more popular) ministick. I’d bet Pimax would sell many more of a Sword ministick versions than Sense. It is an area not fill by Valve or anyone else yet.

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I am surprised when this upload since 2017.

You will note the controllers are dummies (no buttons). It looks like a design concept video for what might be possible and not a prototype demo.

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This is why long ago. I suggested they should make both flavours in Non sense and sense.

As the Non Sense versions could also be sold cheaper. Room for both styles. I have Backed a 3rd with 0 mechanical parts and am looking forward to a full sense controller.

Of course, they were a team of designers, with a lot of brilliant ideas.

Not only that. You have to pay shipping etc again, Just like when de Backer MAS or whatever it was called, came out. After paying to get it, i again was dissapointed tot see audio stopped working on one ear after a few days. I didn’t bother tot open a support ticket again, as well as i don’t bother the sense controllers or anything Pimax branded anymore. This company is a joke… I will remember them as such and i will remember all the money i’ve spent on this b.s.

Mindscan try tapping the connector behind the side foams it may fix the Dead Audio on that side.

The KDMAS was not shipping cost but import/Vat fees.