Pimax isn't the only company with poor shipping comms

Just came across this on reddit.

It strangely made me feel a bit better knowing that HTC is just as bad.

This doesnt make it ok , its just weird that Pimax hasn’t userped their position in the VR market yet because HTC for the last few years has been nit much better.


Pimax hasn’t had a great history of shipping things promptly but I would imagine that things are worse now days due to disruptions in Supply Chains and Manufacturing due to a myriad of factors from Weather (flooding / drought pending which side of the China Sea you are on), The “Virus” tm, and Energy Supplies.

Tis the joy of our age.

Would love to see my base stations and Sword Controllers one day though, preferably sooner than the next 5 years.

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Me too, Its starting to get suspicious

5+ weeks before Xmas in a normal year and you still couldn’t escape CNY. What lies in between is what I call the Abyss where nothing gets done but excuse writing. So April for Sword :grinning:

This has been one of my biggest gripes with a LOT of the complaints about Pimax! Their launch and shipping problems were no different than the large companies like Facebook but, while Facebook gets a pass for delaying their launch for 6 months for no published reasons, Pimax gets slammed if they’re a few weeks behind schedule with announcements! If the Pimax people are anything like me, then it’s no wonder support is the way it is today: they’ve learned that they can’t win no matter what they do so “screw everyone”!
No, I’m not giving Pimax a “pass” for their screwups, but their attitude is perfectly understandable, from my perspective!

Edit: don’t even get me started on comparing Pimax to HTC’s non-existent support! HTC is the real joke of supporting products!

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You know , I think the fact that Pimax was a Kickstarter has alot to do with the perception.

With kickstarter you’ve taken peoples money, and people are much more keen to want to see their products.

Also with kickstarter comes a certain promise of transparency (weekly updates , insights into production process, logistics etc)

HTC doesn’t have to show us photographs of rooms full of boxes ready to ship etc.

Notice that Pimax has kept alot more hush-hush regarding the 12K. Thats because that’s normal. They dont need to tell us anything and I’d prefer they don’t tell us anything until its done and rolling off assembly lines.

But with stuff like sword controllers, we expect updates because we paid already.

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Having once waited over six months for an out-of-warranty screen repair on my old Vive, only getting “it” back after countless conversations with not only HTC support, but equally much, or more, with their service partner in the Netherlands, and at long last (EDIT: …and at great cost…) getting something back, that had a large “property of something-something media university” sticker across its front, you most certainly won’t see me defending HTC. :stuck_out_tongue:

I also shared a few choice words for their marketing, when they announced the (first) Vive Pro, and adopted Pimax’s practice of adding the per-eye horizontal screen resolutions together, as well as were deceptively coy about some of the increased resolution coming from a slightly decreased FOV. :stuck_out_tongue:

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