Pimax ... maybe use your Blog? And other communication suggestions

I am getting really tired of having to read through threads 100s of posts long and go through 100s of speculation posts to get actual information about things.

A pimaxusa post here an interview youtube clip there, a sweviver video … just to get shreds of information on anything.

I am beginning to question my use of time … I should use it more productively.

If I as a backer who has a Pimax 8K and invested in Pimax finds it this hard to follow Pimax news, it is clear the general public or even general VR enthusiasts won’t have any clue.

Your whole website pimaxvr.com as of this writing doesn’t even have the word “Sword” on it.

Your “Blog” doesn’t even have an announcement about naming your controllers “Sword” or about when (2nd half of 2019) they are supposed to be available.

And also see my post about what else should have been in the “Sword” news release:

How are people even supposed to follow news from you??

By going through 100s of posts and threads everyday?

And ALL the questions people and backers have… eg. when will we get deluxe audio strap, when will we get VR frames, when will we get eye tracking, when will we get additional face covers etc etc…

Why must you leave people having to ask over and over again on the forums and maybe hope for a pimaxusa non-answer?

Why can’t you just have an webpage that you keep updated with your current best estimates of when each thing is going to come and use your Blog to update when anything changes?

I don’t recommend using Kickstarter to update anymore as Preorders will also want to know.

When will you have proper PR person to actually manage and do this stuff better? As another poster said, all this other stuff is actually possibly as important or more important than just the product. Overall it just gives a bad image that scare anyone who isn’t an “early adopter” at heart away.

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To be fair, browsing the forums is very much up to you because whenever there has been big news or announcements they have sent out emails or kickstarter updates.

I hardly visited this forum at all before i actually got my HMD because i knew it was going to get here whenever it would, repeatedly asking about it wouldnt make me any happier.

That said, having an official blog or forum topic with no random discussion, only official updates and 100% verified info would go a long way to answering the echoing questions, if a question isnt answered on there nothing 100% known about it.

This has some of it:

That post was last updated almost half a year ago.

And there were no emails sent about the Sword / Sword Sense announcement… I guess it wasn’t a “big” enough update.

They don’t even have an official post about it on these forums or on their website. So if anyone wanted to know about this “update” they had to be browsing the forums or “happen” to see news about it on the few external news sites that wrote about it.

It is not just about Kickstarter backers now … it is about reaching more potential customers and creating interest from wider VR enthusiasts.

Pimax have already tarnished their reputation from QA issues (eg. cracks, bad cables etc.) and bad support (people waiting months for any response) … now they aren’t even trying to do proper PR and marketing.

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Yeah i know and i interpret the lack of an announcement as a “not all of the details set in stone yet”.

You cant order the controllers or lighthouses yet, its still a deposition you can put in if you like so no change other than a bit more info for the enthusiasts.

They have had them but consistantly fall on old habits. Used to sort their posts as well with links in a closed topic. Too much work as they post everywhere.

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No PR person would not have the ability to bind the company into courses of action that have not yet been defined. It is only possible to work within the scope of what has definition to it.

In my case because I’m involved and see the development effort itself on a daily basis so in forums such as these I can indeed answer some questions that add more information into the mix that goes beyond the press release. But when you ask for any individual to plot a course for the entire company within forum messages that would be a non-starter.

Even Valve did not define pricing or availability on the Index after it’s initial reveal, that was slated for 6 weeks later. A lot has to go into development of all the required detail.

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I agree with this 100%. Pimax is not truly a startup, but the public views them that way and they are in some ways. For this reason “progress updates” more befitting a startup would go a long way to keeping everyone happier and maybe more patient.

It can be a very short weekly thing with even just a single sentence from each team/department. “This week progress was made on the headphone portion of the headstrap. Still a long way to go overall.” “Tests on the 10m cable from a new potential vendor failed power requirements.” “Internal PiTool advanced from 124 to 125. Hoping for a 126 beta release”

It takes the team head 5 minutes to toss out his weekly report and someone a half hour to put it together and post it. Maybe that is all more information than they want to give, but it seems to me that the image rewards would be well worth it.

Then again, maybe that’s all just me wanting more information or following the forums too much. :slight_smile:


Takes time for new members, myself included to impact some of those things. For instance items like the changelog in Pitool which I think are fundamental took a while to get in the groove of doing. Because our hmd typically requires LH and Vive Controllers we cannot yet sell the full package. So the public piece will evolve dramatically when we can offer complete packages.


True it took a long time to get pimax to give us Piplay Changelogs; but was consistant when they started. It was a shame to see they abandoned piplay without notice & stopped giving changelogs until recently with Pitool.

1 step forward & 2 steps back do make things hard. At least Doman confirmed they are trying simple in the meanwhile fixes to the support notification emails as we discussed.

Basic Roadmaps can be updated when changeable details are well known. Just not things that were set in “stone” long ago & later validated.