Pimax Modular Audio Strap vs Pimax Deluxe Audio Strap

Are there any reviews of the Pimax MAS and Pimax DAS?

The last official information about the MAS I received was from Pimax Day, saying that the MAS will be delivered by December 2019, if I remember correctly. As to no one’s surprise, this promise was not met by a long shot, as I still do not have my MAS as of today.

I would like to know, if it’s worth it to upgrade the MAS to the DAS.
I expect the MAS to not be very good, because to me. hearing noise from the outside world reduces immersion drastically, reminding me that I’m in a room, instead of in the game.

What are the official timelines at the moment for the MAS and DAS deliveries?


Only had those ces and :us: meetups on the not final. No surprise no one really liked the adove ear speakers.

Otherwise folks liked the comfort of the vive pro strap clone.


You might wanna check the weekly updates


Wow, I’d almost forgotten they were due in December.


Individual lighthouse and Lighthouse request ahead of controllers were due to start shipping mid January 2020. Seems packaging excuse was recycled as why this didn’t happen.


My question concerning the official timelines was answered.

But are there any reviews of either SMAS or DMAS?
It would be better if we had some reviews (by independent reviewers), before they start sending them out.


No, there aren’t any reviews as neither the SMAS nor the DMAS have been produced yet.

They showed of the SMAS at a few locations already and in general people are happy about the comfort it gives. Audio on the other hand is not so well liked, but they said audio would be improved.

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When backers start to get S-MAS you will get some, D-MAS is still wile away.

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