Pimax near Future HMD - 220 ° FOV?

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there will be a time after the 8K X and because of that i thought what will Pimax do after the 8KX?
Of course at first pimax should concentrate to solve their worksites (pimax and you all know what i mean), but what for a next HMD will pimax develop after the 8K X?

Pimax always emphasizes that they want pushing the boundaries of virtual reality to the max.
Of course they achieved 160 ° FOV and that alone is amazing but there is more possible.

So my wishlist would be even more FOV - something like 220 ° horizontally, covering the full human vision.
I do no want any borders more - I want to put on a HMD and be fully in the virtual world without any boders.

So what would be your wishlist to pimax for a next Gen Pimax HMD (except their worksites)?

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I hope they will do new lenses, and 144 hz full native 4k resolution. Those two are the biggest current weaknesses and would impact the experience the most (IMO).

  • I wish good done Pimax OLED HMD with screen properties not worse than in HTC Vive Pro, at least same SDE, also same colours, brightness, blacks (can be kept as in XR as pure black is awesome), have no any complains in Vive Pro apart of FOV & SDE (it’s very nice & this HMD is best overall experience for me, but could be better though).

  • Also integrated ET which doesn’t diminish FOV

  • And YES give us finally EYE RELIEF adjustment, for the … sakes why Pimax didn’t do it already, it’s the most weakness part of this HMD, so

the only real issue that stops me from using Pimax is their pale screens & missing good quality OLED HMDs. Xr is just a joke (hardware good, but visuals not optimized in firmware & it’s locked & propietary so you can’t adjust it for brightness & color reprojection).


Honestly I don’t even want to think about it, they should finish their controllers and put all of that money towards improving their software and reputation


Full 220 degree fov but completely eliminated borders vertical AND horizontally- but also and even more importantly I want them to get rid of the virtual nose to provide better stereo overlap which is what makes vr great in any effect. The way to do this is have the lenses and screens on the inner sides start on the inset of your nose’s bridge.
It would also absolutely have to at least keep the 144hz frame rate that I’m so attached to on my 5k+.


Can you elaborate on “visuals not optimized in firmware” and the issue with “color reprojection?”

I agree that the OLED panel in the Pro (same panel as the Odyssey+) is better than the XR panel but black level/smear seems worse. On an unrelated note, why can the Pro refresh at a higher rate than the XR? Anyone know?

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my wishlist for next generation i’d probably buy headset.

8k per eye panels. this is probably not gonna happen because there is literally no synergy with other industries needing that, ideally you’d not do scaling on the headset so you could sample desktop use really high, and gaming use really fast.

4k rgb Oled panels for those real blacks, with dp 2.0 you should be able to drive those at up to 240hz although 120 would be nice already and better chance of finding panels.

HDR to get the feel of sunshine and bright happy days, need software support :confused:


You can check my XR review here 5KXR & 5K+ Impressions
DK2 vs CV1 image describes why firmware isn’t optimized, it’s very dull & dim, on contrast, brightness 0/0 color reprojection is ok, but they look at that picture & if you try to achieve more bright colours they start crushing & loss details. So overall experience is poor but is best on any other Pimax I tried (5k+, 8k, 5kXR) in terms of colours.

Vive Pro smear with black clamp disabled (through non direct steam mode - as monitor) is bad but playable coz pitch blacks look so nice & in HL:A & The Blue it is stunning experience. However on default black clamp which is also really good I don’t see any bad smear problem, it’s there but not distracting at all. On XR it’s better I guess coz they don’t let us set enought NITS (brightness) so pixels don’t need to quickly change it as well. I read somewhere that XR panels are the same panels as O+ & Pro just the different pixels amount.

I suspect RR can’t be achieved due to limitation in PCB & components used for XR as it has much bigger resolution than PRO, but looks way worse coz it’s spread on the bigger FOV + panel utilization for IPD purposes also drops a lot of used at time panel.

Man I just want good lenses so we can fully utilize the panels we have now as much as possible. I’ve read some mentions about a small sweetspot from a couple of people regarding the 8KX and it kinda has me worried. I mainly flightsim and being able to read labels and data in the cockpit without moving your head to be totally centered on said point is already a challenge in the Valve Index.

If the lens clarity on the 8KX isn’t better than the Index then I really hope someone makes and offers decent lens replacements. Either that or I’ll have to consider running 2 HMD’s: Keeping the 8KX for roomscale/simracing, getting a Reverb G2 for flightsim and selling the Index.

Other than that, ideally I’d like to see them push for a more refined and intuitive software experience (like what they’ve been planning/saying they would).

Lastly, I don’t really care what they decide to do for their next HMD unless they improve on communication, quality control/assurance, warrantee, logistics, and manufacturing/assembly speed/scale.

If somehow they achieve all that and come out with a groundbreaking headset with good reviews, I’ll consider getting it, when it’s available on Amazon.

It might just be me but personally I think Pimax should STOP making headsets right now. They have more headsets than any company on the market. I believe if they should do anything right now it should be to “improve” their current line of headsets, and/or provide all the extra accessories that they have been promising since early 2017. We don’t need another Pimax HMD. We need controllers, consistent software improvements, Pimax Experience, wireless adapters, etc. Stop worrying about having the best headset and make your current customer base happy. Perhaps this would make people more acceptable to lean towards Pimax because their products come complete with a line of accessories to back them. Thus increasing company revenue/boosting business so they can grow. Coming out with a new headset every 6 months while you have people who have been waiting for 4 years for the controllers they backed, which keep getting pushed out due to the “new headset coming” just does not seem like its really working. I have a ton of friends that are into VR and none of them care for Pimax products due to the endless waits they have seem me go through…Just my two cents.


Agree with you. And from my point of view, they should even go further and reduce the number of headset they have.

I think, 8K+ does not make any sense except to justify the high price of the 8KX. If the pannels are already 4K, why to not allow to use them in native?.. Ah, yes… because they want to create a new model just with this additional feature and increase the price by x%

5K… not sure anyone is interested on it right now.

My recommendation: have only 2 models. One should be high-end (the 8KX) and the other a mid-entry level (Artisan). And just concentrate that they both work correctly.

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I don’t want them to discontinue the XR … can’t give up OLED. And I think they should find a way to compensate backers who were promised controllers and then just ditch the whole controller aspect. Making an HMD and making controllers are totally different things and even if Pimax does finally come out with some controllers how are they going to match up against the Knuckles which we can already use? Pimax makes high end niche HMDs and that’s what they should concentrate on IMO.

idex controllers suck for certain types of games like Echo Vr where sensitive grip just doesn’t work good, also ergonomic of index isn’t best one. Im waiting for good steamvr controllers for years. E.g. for echo I use OG Vive Wands as they work bettern than knuckles, knuckles good for FPS & some other kind of games.

CV1 touches were the best & pimax swords looks definetely like it with index straps & finger tracking, so if they will manage to do it right it will be the best steamvr controllers on the market, I doubt they will be better than CV1 in terms of quality & ergonomic & balance but hope they will be at least close. It was a very smart move.

I also don’t want Pimax to ditch oled, I tried 5k+, 8k & it’s just horrible I can’t play with this HMDs despite of resolution you loss so much in image quality all dark, middle dark games just look awful. I enjoy 5kXR from time to time but it lacks resolution too much.

Next gens can have accomodation fixes, which Pimax can’t do but is essential for the future of VR.

Larger sweetspot, meaning different lenses that are very expensive to develop. Maybe the high price of their headsets will fund it but we’ll see. I won’t be pre-ordering anymore.

If another company increases their FOV a lot then I really don’t see Pimax existing anymore, or they lower their prices to what the devices should really cost, around 400,- and compete that way.


I want uncompromising COMPLETE abolished fov borders and I want my nose gone in vr, because the stereo effect would be like double what it is now. And keep it at 144hz.

And full holographic display with HDR and temperature control

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Very good idea!!! but your talking Pimax!!!

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I concur, they have released so many variants as it is.
I don’t know if they dropped the ball on some of them like the 5KXR.

For now streamlining the lineup and refining existing products sounds like a reasonable plan.


Yeah, vergence accommodation conflict solutions would make a big difference.

Facebook has solutions, unfortunately