Pimax Now Event Discussion (merged)

I was honestly a little stunned that he made it. Corona has unleashed his hidden powers.


They will be giving backers who opted out of stretch goals the chance to “buy back” their stretch goal package which will then give them the option to buy eye tracking for $99, they said the cost of the buyback will be “a lot less” than the $150 discount they got from their headset by giving up the stretch goals.


Good morning all!

Thanks for the nice comments and all questions. Will start to catch up here now.

Regarding VR Experience, I will start a thread so we can at least today begin discussing ideas for new features and options.


Thanks, volume slider will definitely be there. I could add that later today maybe. Volume is a system preference so its easy to grab that value and change it.

Re-center button is already there. Pressing Thumbstick.

I have not gotten the scroll touchpads to work yet though… SDK is very limited and not even close to what you can do with SteamVR/OculusVR SDKs or the XR integration in Unity.


So an inline booater would be needed

Its the main PCB and its amplifier that powers the speakers, and the new PCB has a stronger one. This is why Y cable doesn’t work. I have tested that. Or it does work, but volume is not sufficient and therefore its not recommended. At least not with DMAS and SMAS speakers.

Using other speakers such as the old 4K speakers, the Y cable works fine. But these speakers have a higher impedance and doesn’t require much power (lower audio quality of course). We used a Y cable for Artisan and 4K speakers at the US roadshows, it worked fine with loud volume. We realized though, that its not really a aesthetically nice looking solution…


Either way, I may repeat myself, but the DMAS audio is really impressive. I was expecting it to be good, but not THAT good. The following days I will do some more in-depth tests vs the Index speakers.


For ppl who opted for the DMAS, will their 8kx be sent out first or together when DMAS is ready?

Will the ppl who opted for the DMAS still get a SMAS or just the DMAS?


Subjectively how does it compare do you think to the index speakers? Thanks again and great presentation yesterday.


@PimaxUSA said he would have to check to confirm but that he thinks backers who opted out of the eyetracking to upgrade to 8KX would be able to buy the eyetracking for $150


Hi Martin. Great presentation by the way. Are you able to say who is producing the drives used in the DMAS? I have ordered the deluxe audio and am curious.
Thank you.
Ps I would really like to add the eye tracking back into my backer upgrade if that’s possible?


The 8KX backers who opted for DMAS will get these seperately as soon as we start to ship them.

We are currently discussing how we will handle the 5K+/8K backers who opted for DMAS, that already gets the KDMAS for free. Of course, the DMAS might not be necessary anymore. We will inform you the following days regarding this.


More base, and overall tremble and mid-tones just feels more powerful. Hard to explain. Its not a massive difference, but noticeable, even for me that isnt an audiophile after all…

Thats correct, we will confirm very soon. We have some meetings about these parts coming up.

I think @PimaxUSA can answer that DMAS question.
As for the eye tracking, as I mentioned above, we will confirm this very shortly.


Thank you for this great event!

Will it be possible to buy the stretch-goal backer package with DMAS instead of KDMAS? I opt-out when ordering 8kX.

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Pleasure is on our side mate!

Regarding your question, we have to discuss this with the team in our daily meetings. Later this week, there will be more clarifications and confirmations regarding all the backer opt-outs and different options.



asking if there is an issue in the presentation of Smas, Dmas, KDmas

Smas has a flat frequency responce (Spl) about 95 db
at 100 is 80 db

DMas has a flat frequency responce (Spl) about 80 db
at 100 is about 72/73
Is this the demonstration that DMas has more bass ?

KDMas has a flat frequency responce (Spl) about 115 db
it’s not flat before 1000 go down

I am not an expert, Pimaxusa promised specs .

Where are them ?

Brilliant! I’m always looking for volume control. Thumb stick recenter good too. Some other small suggestions while I am here: 1. Use the space to the right of the top Pimax Experience logo to add additional time zones: Local time/London/New York, etc. Great for when you’re jumping into VRChat or RecRoom or trying to work out when international events start. 2. Add a button where users can submit game Pimax profiles for official checking and approval. 3. Include a bug submission form on the HELP section if there isn’t one already to allow for faster fixes.


Maybe, something low profile like this, but fully data capable would be awesome - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Ribbon-Type-C-Straight-receptacle-Charging/dp/B07NSSNRJR

That is roughly what I am thinking of. Data would be pass through, power would be a ‘hub’ with multiple receptacles.

That sounds like something I’d be interested in for sure.

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