[Pimax Official]To Pimax 8K backers

I estimate April - May for the 8K.


They are forcing the switch to a 5k headset to shake off the 8k headset.

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Never. It’s a never ending story.


Well, I still hope that they will send at least until the end of February.
And in March, we should already get new 8K, with improved technologies, with space immersion, unreal quality of the hull (which will withstand blows with a sledgehammer), etc.:grin:

In any case, I constantly check my mail, it will soon break from such frequent checks.

I gave up now, changing to the 5K+

Sent an email to support@pimaxvr.com

I really wished the 8K… but thats too much…

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8Ks have been produced recently, it’s just that somebody needs them more urgently.

@PimaxUSA @anon74848233 @Matthew.Xu

Can anyone just answer (at least some of) my questions?

Dallas said:

As always, any question / comment, please feel free to let me know!

My questions (asked above, but I will ask again):

  • How many 8Ks have you manufactured?
  • When is the last day that you will be able to ship, and when will you be able to begin shipping again?
  • When exactly do the holidays start and when do they end?
  • I am in Thailand, does my HMD need to ship from a warehouse? Can you ship it to me directly before the holidays?
  • When can I expect my 8K? We have been told end of Dec, then end of Jan. Now when?

I don’t understand why you release incomplete info, say we can ask questions, but then you just stay silent and let us have to speculate???


@anon74848233 I’ve been waiting for a real long while, without asking any questions about manufacturing, shippments etc. because I know getting a KS campaign to grow can be a hassle.
However, now you’ve made it so clear that there is some kind of issue with the 8K compared to the 5K+.
Things are going to unravel sooner or later, so why not just let us backers know what’s wrong or inefficient for you at Pimax with the 8K headsets? What is it that you’re hiding while trying to change your 8K backers to the 5K+?


Nightmare came true. After loooong Chinese New year holiday? Sigh…

@anon74848233 @Matthew.Xu What’s wrong with the 8K that you push us so much into 5K+ ?


Oh, my God, this can’t be true, it’s no longer a problem to wait a little longer or a little less is that they don’t have a word, they don’t have honor and are constantly telling lies.

8k hmds should have been the first to be manufactured, should remember the Kickstarter campaign thanks to the support that users made to the 8k, because with the 5k would not have had the necessary funding, nobody thought about the 5k, now the 5k+ is wonderful and everyone loves it and we will continue to see how they do not bother the necessary to optimize the performance of the 8k, or to manufacture the 8k that remain outstanding.

What a disappointment that you are giving me as a company, do not interpret it on a personal level because I do not have the pleasure of meeting any member of the Pimax group.

You should have spent our money on promoting and optimizing the viewer you promised in the Kickstarter, not what you have done with the 5k+.

I can not right now advise anyone to buy pimax products because seeing how they work, fear gives me the after-sales support of their headsets, it will always be the fault of others.


@anon74848233 please respond to this if you care about backers choosing your 8k product.
Pimax should give extra service in return of the long waiting and the fact that we are put last in line instead of several promises during the last months.
A service can be, to ship the 8k directly to the backers, as a free sample or replacement product.So the waiting time is greatly reduced.


totally agree and aftersales you are right i purchased a 4kbe from pimax while awaiting my 8k and now have the pimax logo slightly burnt onto screen and even after lots of messages and being pushed from one person to the next no sign of help to repair replace or anything as i cannot get a picture of the fault yet its clearly seen when worn.
So i guess guarantees are no good with pimax as well

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As I said long time ago, this BE headset is not eligible for private use because of degrading OLED.

Looks like preorders are going to have to wait awhile long. I mean pimax wouldn’t break the backers first promise and piss us off that much more right?


they did not say this when selling me the unit

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Yup, same like Oculus with their Oculus Go.

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I know it’s an unfortunate situation but it seems like a lot of people are simply asking for the impossible.

I don’t like how they told multiple backers that their unit is being shipped in the first spreadsheet and is now in the “being built” category in the new one but that seemed to be the case for 5k+ backers too.

In the end it’s not Pimax’s fault that their country shuts down for a couple weeks and there is simply nothing they can do about it other than offer the switch to the 5K+ which have already started the shipping process.

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then i was mis sold the item as it was pimax who suggested the BE rather than the 4k

They can at least answer some questions here instead of being completely silent again.