[Pimax Official]We Are Looking For the Cooperation Opportunity With VR Developers

Dear VR developers,

You can now contact Pimax VR via the fast track: developer@pimaxvr.com Together, let’s create the ultimate VR experience for our users and new revenue paths for you.

We are waiting for your message.


Yesterday, 18/03/2019, Khronos Group released the OpenXR prespecification.

Let’s hope that Pimax will also use the OpenXR standard. :thinking:
And it’s best for Pimax to become involved in creating the standard. :slight_smile:

By the way, did anyone hear anything about Monado - a free open source OpenXR runtime?

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I think you are doing this backwards. I don’t expect established developers will reach out to you. Pimax should be contacting them directly. I already sent contact details for the lead X-Plane VR developer at Laminar Research to @PimaxUSA. I never got any reply.

I have also asked on this forum for Pimax to publish a clear set of guidelines for rendering to non co-planar displays. That also received no reply.


A lot of developers have indeed contacted us. The number is surprisingly large actually. We reached out to some as well.

What’s different now is we have an official program to support them.