Pimax Pre-order will launch soon!

What a disaster!! Web page continuously down… long waiting time for loading anything… payment buttons not available… and when finally available I get “PayPal error (3)”. Clearly a sign to not buy anything. I was already not really convinced (too expensive, no availability date -even an unrealistic one-, still too many issues reported by backers, no news from controllers, … ) but this helped me to take a decision. Thanks Pimax !!!

I was prepared to not receive anything in the next 6 months: with current status, backers will not be fulfilled until February / March (and this is if production improves really a lot) + time to build headset for new customers + controllers… In fact… more than 6 months probably :grin:. I will go for another headset, wait these 6 months, and then decide if the 5K+ is still a good option or better headsets start to be announced.

I really hope that the 5K+ will be a success because at least it will force other brands to improve their headset. But the image that I have of Pimax is currently very very bad. The headset (hardware only) seems ok, but all the rest around it’s just a mess (starting with their terrible and unrealistic communication).


Exactly the same. Been wavering on and off last couple of days. This website fiasco has finally made my mind up for me.
Thanks Pimax but no thanks.
If you can’t get the basics of a website right (and do it on the day of preorders?) then I really can’t trust you with a purchase which was already more than I thought it should be.


This is why i usually preorder through paypal credit. I dont get charged interest as long as i pay the whole balance within 6 months. So in 5 months ill know wether to cancel the preorder or not.

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I´m confused, the Original Counter should have reached zero by now ?!
Was or is anyone able to set a PreOrder now, or what´s the Status ?

When I´m choosing PayPal Express Checkout, nothing happens… is it due to the fact that the PreOrder is still not active, or is it a Browser - Problem ?

Edit2 :
just saw a Post in reddit that they actually ment 1am ChinaTime ?!
Are you serious ? So I was staying awake all the night for nothing ?

It’s the same for me, can’t use any payment methods. Would prefer paypal but I keep getting an error with that & it won’t accept credit card either.

The Vive Pro is big time over priced. But now the Pimaxes are also in that (way overpriced) price range. And the product isn’t even working correctly yet, it’s a mess currently even getting it to work and knowing pimax, they fix one thing in an update and break 3 things. People get HMD’s mailed with dirt behind the lenses, others just break apart… I really don’t think this price is warranted. But who knows, they might actually sell well. I certainly hope so cause the VR industry needs to move forward quickly and competition is needed.


You should let @Davobkk know he’s pretty :sweat:. :laughing:

With StarVR heading for $5000 don’t think the pimax is overpriced. Now understand I am generally a cheap type.

Ie Hotas & real racing wheels are great but at $300 for me is kinda steep. Though if the lottery Commission would send me a winning ticket. I’d have them all. :smirk:

After the dust settles they need to make a 4k mark 2 with the goodies of the new headsets. Preferably using dual displays rotated 90° cinema style for overall res of 43200*2048 with native input & upscaler for lower res like original 4k.

Price it around $375-$400 US for headset only. Now if they can bump the FoV to 120 they would have a clear winner for mid tier VR. (Better than vive pro)

Oculus has stepped away from the competition & from what I hear is why the Oculus fellow resigned.

where are the headphones? are new Pimaxies compatible with P4k headphones?

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The website is a joke. PayPal link doesn’t work. No mention if shipping will be from an EU depot or if customers have to add 20% taxes and duties to the price at delivery if coming direct from China. IE is required to use credit card (not that I’d enter my credit card details into the Pimax website with its security history anyway). Come on Pimax. Get your act together.

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Think that because preorder dont stsrt until another 5 hours.

LOL comparing Pimax to StarVR One, that’s funny. And the price hasn’t been announced yet, who knows what it will be. It won’t be cheap, agree there, but come on, that’s a full OLED full RGB stripe 210 FoV HMD, with integrated eye tracking, foveated rendering and no distortion at all. It’s pretty much perfection, apart from the resolution. Nobody would call that HMD a steal though, that’s for sure.

Anyway I thought that I might get a Pimax 5k before the StarVR one releases and then switch to that. But now it seems Pimax won’t even fulfill 2500 backers before christmas so god knows when they’ll start shipping out pre-orders. Combined with a price tag that’s not exactly a steal, I’m gonna pass.


If they get production upto speed by the end of the year as they estimate there shouldn’t be any need to pre order. What’s the point of giving them your money now with 6000 backers in the queue? Thats a huge risk with their track record. If and when they manage to fulfill 6000 orders the production lines should be at full capacity anyway. No reason to pay now?


Too late. I have lost my faith on Pimax. I prefer to wait until you really have a full kit to deliver, and not just promises

When is payment processed? Now? OR later when item gets shipped?

You can use a Y adapter with the 4k headphones.

Lol very odd.

It’s now 60 minutes after a big pre-order countdown clock completed on the Pimax home page - but it appears that no one is still able to order?

The web page is actually responding quickly, so I don’t think it’s volume of users. The option to pay just appears to be missing? I’ve tried both IE and Chrome, tried English and Chinese versions of the site, all with the same results. Doh :rolling_eyes:


If StarVR doesn’t change their mindset my source likely accurate on price point.

So not funny & more than Xtal.

Like I said Sj you really need to try these headsets to appreciate them. Reviews one way or the other does not do them justice & you need a good setup to take advantage of it. My i5 6500 is not strong enough & is causing jaggies. & strangely enough the 8k is performing visually better than the 5k+.

Tomorrow i will see them on an i7 8700k then likely later that day on my new ryzen 7 2700x.

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The vive pro is overpriced because it’s nothing more than a standard Vive with a strap and a new display, also has almost the same hardware as the Samsung Odyssey that costs much less ($ 350 at the time I write)

Pimax is a completely new kind of product, so it can be expensive, but there are no elements to say that it is overpriced. Overpriced compared to what?


Probably a dumb question but is the preorder version the official retail version?

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