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I’d put my name forward for proof reading English, I don’t know any other languages however so can’t translate.


While I am certain many people will throw their hat in the ring for it as it is easier than translation, I’d also be up for proofreading English. I do writing as a hobby and some editing on the work of friends, so while a casual thing it may be, I do have some experience when it comes to this kind of stuff and would be happy to assist.


I could translate from english to german.


No doubt Pimax could use some translation help. Don’t see making some sort of contest out of it as the best solution. Just try hiring a couple of real translators and give them jobs rather than go on the cheap. Many communication errors over the years have been because “verb tense” has been lost in translation.
Pimax wants to be seen as high end. Try some high end communications rather than trawling for cheap solutions.


Crystal demo session by the end of September?


I did think it was gonna launch by then given that Q3 launch window, but I guess it’s Pimax doing Pimax things, ey?


I’m glad to see Pimax working on fixing their language translation. I’ve always thought it was bizarre that Pitool has such obviously bad English especially when Pimax does have native English speakers as employees in the US.

Making it into a little game with prizes seems like a fun way to handle it to me.

I can see where just hiring professional translators could be problematic for them. They only have a limited amount of material that needs to be translated. I mean, if this were for Pitool (and I imagine its for Pitool’s new replacement, not Pitool), it’d only take a native speaker like 15 minutes to fix all of the text in it.

Also, they may be thinking that Pimax community members that are actually familiar with their headsets and VR in general may have some advantages over professional translators who likely don’t have any background in the technology.


I would formally request to be considered for a role as a helpful English langauge proofreader. I have extensive experience with both Verbal and more importantly in this case Written English.


For pitool a github with non encrypted language files.

Though from reading they seem to only be looking for french, german, korean & Japanese.

@Ludiks might have an interest in the french side.

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Sounds like the prizes will be given out on Sept 30. No mention of when the demo is.


I’d also like to put my name forward for English proof reading.


I sure could run for the French side (from English :fr:<> :uk:, because my Chinese is very limited, ni hao - xiexie) :grin:


ni hao ludiks, xiexie ni

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Here’s a translation tip that I’ve been using for years, to avoid most grievous mistakes: Translate the text using Google translate to the destination language, then back-translate the results into the original language and verify that the intent has not changed. Tweak the original text until the back-translated text is acceptable.

I respectfully suggest that Pimax do this, prior to distributing text for translation.

Here’s a sample. How accurate is it?

这是我多年来一直在使用的翻译技巧,以避免最严重的错误:使用谷歌翻译将文本翻译成目标语言,然后将结果反向翻译成原始语言并验证意图没有改变。 调整原始文本,直到可以接受回译的文本。

我恭敬地建议 Pimax 在分发文本进行翻译之前这样做。

这是一个示例。 它有多准确?

Back translation:

This is a translation trick I’ve been using for years to avoid the worst of the mistakes: use Google Translate to translate the text into the target language, then back-translate the result into the original language and verify that the intent hasn’t changed. Adjust the original text until the back-translated text is acceptable.

I respectfully recommend that Pimax do this before distributing the text for translation.

Here is an example. How accurate is it?

I intentionally used some less-common words in the original text. One could argue that the back-translated result is more comprehensible to the general public, especially those who speak English as a second language.

Second tip: Use 2 different browser tabs, one for the original translation and another for the back-translation. Just cut-n-paste between the pages. This simplifies the tweaking step, since you don’t have to change the source and destination languages each time.

我故意在原文中使用了一些不太常见的词。 有人可能会争辩说,反向翻译的结果对于普通大众来说更容易理解,尤其是那些以英语为第二语言的人。

第二个提示:使用 2 个不同的浏览器选项卡,一个用于原始翻译,另一个用于反向翻译。 只需在页面之间剪切粘贴即可。 这简化了调整步骤,因为您不必每次都更改源语言和目标语言。

I deliberately used some less common words in the original text. One could argue that the results of back translation are easier to understand for the general public, especially those who speak English as a second language.

Second tip: use 2 different browser tabs, one for original translation and one for reverse translation. Just cut and paste between pages. This simplifies the adjustment steps because you don’t have to change the source and target languages every time.


I could also assist to translate from english to german


Sent you a PM there in regards to an application for this @PimaxQuorra . Thanks!


I would love to help and proofread.

I can definitely proofread English, I also speak Hebrew, however, I’m not at a level to perform translations


I guess my name could be added to the probably oversaturated list of people who can proofread English text, but not translate. I have experience in academic writing and publishing.


I can translate Korean <-> English

I really want to participate in this translation.
There’re so many things that many peoples can’t understand with machine language translation.
ex) PiTool translate


Why was this only posted in ENGLISH if you are looking for capable possible translators would it not help to have created a Multiligual “Wanted Ad”, instead it seems Pimax mainly is only receiving Proofreaders/Translators who can read English and most likely have English as their primary language known?

Shorter: When posting a “Want Ad” realise that the langauge it is posted in will limit who can “read” the needed requirements for applying to it.