[Pimax Response Required] 8K upgrade path for 8KX? Or 8K Lens and screen replacement / Revisions msde to RE models?

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As an 8K backer, I have to say on one hand I’m glad to hear the news about the 8KX, but on the other hand I’m more than disappointed in hear that the performance requirement to run it is the same as the 8K since it can run on one cable.

I’m really glad to hear it can run on one cable, but I backed the 8K because I thought there was no possibility that my computer could handle the 8KX and that I would need SLI to even use it, and SLI barely ever works properly anyway.
I basically backed the 8K under the premise I wouldn’t be able to use the 8KX, the fact the 8K has the same performance requirement as the 8KX is more than dissapointing… I would have backed the 8KX as I’m sure all the other 8K backers would have too, so I’m asking this opportunity be extended to 8K ks backers.

Finding out that the scaler provides no benefit in the 8K and just hampers its performance to the point we’re rendering the same amount of pixels as the 8KX makes me want to remove it, but I see its a neccessary evil with the cable choice limiting max cable bandwidth on the 8K;
Although maybe we wouldn’t need such a high resolution to give the 8K standard a clear image if it had the proper full RGB screen the 8KX is set to have rather than the diamond grid one the 8KX currently has, and if the 8K revised rendered a 1080p signal instead of a 1440p one to have an accurate 1:1 upscale to 4K without any loss of pixels (as 1080p is exactly 1/4 of 4K, see below picture)

For that reason, I suggest either an upgrade to remove the scaler and change the DP input to DP 1.4, or change the input resolution coming from the cable to 1080p with a 1:1 upscale so no performance or pixels are lost from the GPU trying to approximate where pixels should be, due to being upscaled from a ratio that is not 1:2.

I’d really appreciate the opportunity to return my headset for an upgrade to get the proper RGB 4k screen which the 8K should have had (instead of the diamond LCD), to get the newer lenses as well which should improve panel utilization and IPD room, and to remove the scaler in the 8K if possible.

I would be willing to pay an extra $300-$500 to do this, and I would be happy to use my vouchers for it.

If Pimax is unwilling to do this will they consider selling a revised 5K+ and 8K RE with the above revisions made such as proper (not diamond) RGB stripe screen in the 8K standard, and the newer lenses and extra panel utilization and IPD room in the 5K+ and 8K standard?
So at least I can spend another $800 to buy the revised RE edition? :slight_smile:

I’d still be happy to buy the 8K RE even if it had the original 8K’s screens with a 1080p cable input if it does better at upscaling (if it improves performance and clarity from a 1:1 upscale), even if just the 8KX’s better lenses are the only thing added to the 8K RE.

Any of the above solutions would be highly appreciated.


I believe that every 8K backer would love to make a exchange but it is too early, 8K-X is not out and we do not have any idea when. Let´s wait a little more time. (months I believe) :sunglasses:


I think its better we wait a little, as @grzvs says. The 8KX is still not out yet.

Another problem is that if Pimax starts to replace 8K headsets for 8KX, its going to be thousands of units in total and thats really not possible or reasonable Im afraid. New headset will always be released, and the 8KX is for sure not the last headset Pimax is releasing, so you need to understand its impossible for PImax to keep people “upgrading” all the time. No company does that. Its just simply not profitable.

What if HTC upgraded all Vive users to Vive Pro for a few hundred bucks? They would have been out of business long ago at this point.

Also, the 8KX is not a “revised” 8K. The 8K X has always been a separate model announced already back in the Kickstarter days. Back then it was only supposed to be released in a very limited quantity. Now it looks like it will be the successor to the 8K and 5K+ also available for orders and not only backers, but that doesnt mean it comes for free to existing 8K owners…

I hope you can understand my point. Im not answering for Pimax here, as I have not been given any info regarding your question, but Im just assuming your request is not possible to fulfill. In the end, Pimax needs to earn money to survive. Just like any other company.


Unless its a straight panel swap for a price, i cant see this happening.


I’d happily like to buy either a Pimax 5K+ and 8K Pro versions with all the above revisions made (Maybe they can be implemented into RE designs?), or just a panel upgrade for those 8k backers who really want it and are willing to pay for it might be possible?

At least they promised benefits for backers…


What to buy with the coupon?

We will provide $100 coupon for backers that switch 8K to 5K+.

You can use the coupon in whatever Pimax produced:

Accessories: headstrap with earphones, face cushion, 10m cable, cooling fan, VR frame;
Modules produced by Pimax. e.g. hand motion, wireless etc.
Pimax controllers;
When X becomes available, we’ll provide more benefits for both the 5K+ and 8K backers.

Yes I know. I just wonder how that is going to be handled. And as I dont know, I cant really answer either :slight_smile: I think its too early to talk about this. First, Pimax needs to fulfill all 8KX backers, then pre orders and everything else. One step at a time :slight_smile:


Could you please ask Pimax if they might be willing to at least make these above mentioned revisions to the RE designs, if they’re unwilling to make Pro models at the moment? :slight_smile:

As far as I know, the RE versions will be slightly more expensive as well. Mainly aimed for professional use and arcades, but most likely also available for individuals. What I dont know, if its really a new “revision” either. I think I will leave that question to Kevin or the others who have a bit more insight :slight_smile:


I dont wont to break dreams, but when ever has a company done such an upgrade to hardware? - Vive to Vive Pro?
Sure it would be nice - but as stupid as it might be - 8k x is an extra thing.

As mentioned by someone before - Wanted it newer? Sell the “old” and buy the new.

Still awesome that it looks promising! I went from the 8k to the 5k+ and am thinking on getting a “new” 8k x if it holds up to the promises!


I don’t think there needs to be any major modifications in design to implement these some of the design improvements from the 8KX to the RE models seeing as the RE aren’t released yet either, it would definitely give me an incentive to buy the RE.

It would be better for the 8K standard if the performance and clarity can be improved by using 1080p input, even if the older 8K screens were used, but with the newer 8KX lenses in the 8K RE @PimaxUSA

Yeah indeed, thats kinda how it works in general :slight_smile: Pimax is not a “charity” company after all, they need to sell headsets to survive.

You mean doing a 8KX RE? Well thats not impossible, all Im saying is Im not sure they will make the first 8KX ruggedized. It would raise the total 8KX price even further, and Im not sure people are ready to pay that. At least the majority of people. But who knows… we will see what happens the upcoming months!


No no, I meant that the 8K RE uses the lenses from the 8K X, a 1080p input for better performance and more accurate upscaling which gives better clarity, and either the old screen from the 8K or the 8KX screen, not an 8KX RE.
5K+ RE can also use the same 8K X lenses

But the panels is what makes the 8KX.
Well who knows, but I dont see that happen. And if Pimax did a “revised” 8K with the 4K RGB panels, dont you think every backer would ask for a replacement…again? :slight_smile:


Yeah I see the argument, but I’d still be happy to buy the 8K RE even if it had the original 8K’s screens with a 1080p cable input if it does better at upscaling (if it improves performance and clarity from a 1:1 upscale), even if just the 8KX’s better lenses are the only thing added to the 8K RE.

There have been previous discussions about the original 8k screens & there is strong evidence suggesting that the original screens are not a true 4k screen which may be the reason the 8k doesn’t perform as expected.
If this is true (as yet not fully confirmed) then this could be the main culprit alone for the 8k’s shortfall & a drop-in true 4k screen could be a viable solution to make the 8k what it always could have been.
This is an upgrade which although unlikely, is more realistic & i would be willing to pay for

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Pimax has not said there will be new lenses. Given the costs involved, I doubt that there would be new ones.

My assumption is that the new panels are somewhat smaller. Then that wasted area outside the lens view would not contain any actual pixels (only the bezel edge).

The 5K+ has a smaller panel than the 8K or original 5K. Pimax could make this claim even if the 8KX screen was the size of the panel in the 5K+, since the utilization would be better than the current 8K.


I never used my Pimax 5K Plus more than 5 times since I got it a few months ago. No point! No Lighthouses, no controllers!! Can i replace it with Pimax 8K X? I am willing to pay maybe additional $300 PLUS returning Pimax 5K Plus to YOU!!!

I suspect that the 8KX will be quite expensive, at least a first, until the LCD panel price drops. New, better panels will likely be scarce and pricy.


Simple truth with your post pimax has or will read up on ideas from the community. Of which they do scan a variety of mediums other than just here. But they can’t simply jump on an idea & push it forward without discussing things at length. And we know they are already have a lot on their plate.

Not to worry things will come. We just need to give them time to finish things in order of need.