Pimax should make disposable face masks that work with the comfort kit

One of the annoying things about VR is the sweat. We’ve all been there. You get done playing Beat Saber and take off your headset, only for the foam be all disgusting and soaked in sweat.

It especially sucks if you are taking turns with someone else playing VR. You’ve got to completely swap out the foam or just deal with the sweat. The only alternative is using a leather pad which is not very comfortable. Not to mention a lot of them won’t even work because of the comfort kit.

On most other headsets you can get disposable covers that absorb sweat and allow for the headset to be easily swapped out for other users.

Unfortunately this doesn’t work with Pimax because the comfort kit is not covered up by a traditional face cover. If Pimax could mass produce some thin foam covers that work with the Pimax, I’d probably buy some. I’m sure others would too. Pleaseee :slight_smile: @PimaxUSA