Pimax started shipping!...(and stopped again...)

No extra fees here, either :slight_smile:

I’ve only just got the 8K working!

I installed the 76 version of PiTools, but it seems that does not work for the 8K. I then installed the latest version - PiToolSetup_1.0.1.84.exe, and that works fine :slight_smile:


Just beeing curious. I think there is no such thing like a “good” curier?..especially since they even tend to employ the same shitty subcontractors…
Seriously, I have a story to almost any curier, you name it :slight_smile: I don’t even complain anymore and try to reach out to supervisors. Funny though the most expensive in Germany is even the worst…DHL…or I’m just unlucky in my area.

Got my tracking numbers from UK now, yey :slight_smile: remember i was backer number 2 and 9 lol


It works with 8K. Maybe a PC reboot may help? Some times pulling the power cord can solve it as well after an upgrade/downgrade :slight_smile:

Hey, SweViver!

Yeah, did all of that, but it did not help. I’ve got the latest driver in for now, and it seems to be fine.

Damn SteamVR seems to think my HMD should be connected via HDMI!!!
DP cables swapped (monitor and HMD), HDMI unplugged (TV), SteamVR uninstalled and re-installed. All in that order.
looks confused

Me too, have about 3 parcels a week delivered and he is always on time and a happy bloke.

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I got it all running on the 8K, with version 76 of the driver:

  1. Uninstalled PiTool (84)
  2. Unplugged all cables
  3. Rebooted
  4. Reinstalled PiTool (76)
  5. Rebooted
  6. Ran PiTool
  7. Plugged in 8K’s cables
  8. Started SteamVR via PiTool
    and then SteamVR saw the 8K easily

ED looks damn good. Absolutely amazing in game!
Text is easy to read, but quite fuzzy on the edges.
None of the text is sharp, but it is easy to read.
Killing supersampling helped quite a bit, as with that on it looked like the pixels were swimming. It was just bad.

I think I need to mess about with the settings some.

Went into No Limits Roller Coaster, and I LOVED IT!!! But it does show that it is not written for VR properly. It’s not great, but damn it’s run!

Wasn’t too impressed with Virtual Desktop (very fuzzy text, and some was unreadable), but I did not try to tweak any settings for it. Of course, I have a Predator x34, so it’s simulating that, which is why the small text is unreadable! I had not killed the supersampling here, so that would probably help.

Screen Door Effect is VERY noticeable. Didn’t even have to try to see it. Smacked me right in the eyes.
In ED, though, I was not aware of it at all. That game just blew me away, and the SDE!

I had the HMD on Normal FoV. Wide was doing strange things with the sides of the image, just in the Pimax start room/space planet thing.
Rendering Quality 1.5

At this point, I have to say, I’d expect better, but then I have not really fiddled with the settings much, as yet.

Right, gonna now get ED settings sorted to the MAX, then move in. Gonna be my home from here on in!!!

Oh, and Sebastian is right - THE FoV!!!
anything less is not worth knowing!



Have a very nice and interesting weekend @Chucksta :sparkles::sparkling_heart:


Have you tried a Vive Pro or Odyssey? If so, how is the SDE in comparison?

So glad to hear you say that, oddly enough. When the Rift was about to come out everyone who tried it was saying there was no SDE, so it was a huge letdown when it arrived and of course it had it severely.

So if the SDE is indeed that noticeable on the 8K then I don’t see any good reason to get it over the 5K+ since you’re going to see it regardless (and the direction of the SDE pattern seems to be better too).

And your details here deserve its own post.


Looking forward to your impressions of ED fully optimized. 1080ti right?

Yeah, I should have created my own post for this, just like my fellow Brit, Spamenigma did. Maybe tomorrow (8:26pm here now).

It has been mentioned elsewhere, that the reason why it probably stands out soooooooooooooooo much, is the diagonal pattern. It’s VERY noticeable. Kind of annoying. But, in ED, I did not notice it at all. It’s probably dependent on how focused your attention is elsewhere, whether or not you see the SDE.


Yep, 1080Ti :slight_smile:

Man, I want to play now, but must break off and chill with a film and a beer :smiley:


Save it for a late whisky :+1: Congrats on the purchace


Nope, I have not tried either of those, although I did have an original Vive.

I could see the SDE in the Vive, but it’s not as obvious as it is in the 8K. Also, the Vive’s SDE did not annoy me, whereas the 8K’s does. As said elsewhere, in other posts, it is quite likely to be the diagonal pattern used in the 8K. If the HMDs you state, use the same pattern as on the original Vive, then they will be better on the SDE front, as far as I am concerned.

The 5K+ has the same vertical and horizontal layout as used in the 4K and Vive, so it will very likely be amazing. Not going for that as my loaner (cries), I cannot know for sure, but I am pretty confident I am right. cries some more



Just got mail from french transporter, will be delivered monday the 22!


Thanks for your honest reports Chucksta, very much appreciated!


For once, I agree. 20


erm, the vive is pentile, which is a diagonal pattern


Ooh, I did not know that.

Okay, so that blew the theory that the diagonal pattern was the reason why the FoV is so noticeable.

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