Pimax Stretch Goal Update 3rd September 2020

Pimax Stretch Goals Update ( Sept.03, 2020 )

Dear backers,

Our team is preparing for the shipment for Backer Stretch Goals Box recently. Here is an update for you on Stretch Goals, please be informed. Importantly, please kindly follow the instructions below on shipping information re-confirmation and complete the re-confirmation in a timely manner. Thank you.

1. Updated Pimax Stretch Goals Items (Pimax Now) & Status

Stretch Goals Box


Stretch Goals Box w/Backer Base Station(s)

*Backer Base Station(s) will be shipped together with the stretch goals


2.Shipping information Re-confirmation

We will only ship to those who re-confirm their shipping address by logging in store.pimaxvr.com with your Kickstarter email address. This simple step is very *important as many destination addresses have changed since the Kickstarter.

To follow the required verification step please follow this link to get your Stretch Goals Box!

*Please note that if a backer opted out the Stretch Goals (e.g. in certain Upgrade Plans) previously, he/she would not receive the Stretch Goals Box.

If you have any questions regarding Stretch Goals, please submit a ticket to our Service Desk and the team will get back to you ASAP.

Wish you a great day!


Pimax team


Please tell me that we whom have been receiving product(s) or have confirmed address for other shipments are not expected to once again confirm details.

Do we let pimax know what color of silicon sleeve? Or is the backer box coming with random or a standard color sleeve?


Haha. Confirming address results in an automated email saying you need to confirm address. The incompetence is reliable.


I have had 5 separate shipments and did the confirm anyway, so hopefully no issue, :crossed_fingers:

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Please confirm the color of your eyes and all will be well.


@Miracle this is a good question

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@Heliosurge I’m just wondering if they are going to keep their promise to send the Preorders out the items we were supposed to receive for pre-ordering early

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Ramdom color sleeve,black or gray.


i would really hope for black.

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@PimaxUSA, @Miracle where is the webpage that is supposed to show the comprehensive list of everything that backers have owed to them.

It’s everyones own damn responsibility and common sense to update their details if they move. This confirmation for the third time (?) is completely superfluous. Just send the stuff and get it over with. Fire and forget.


I have a feeling we will receive the offer of refund but I’m holding out till the end!

@PimaxQuorra could you please confirm that comfort kit in the stretch goals box is the new version, with the eye tracker cutout already applied?

cc: @PimaxUSA


When or where should should I look for the eye tracking coupon if it has already been sent?

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in your kickstarter order on store.pimaxvr.com towards the bottom there should be Eye Tracking Discount Code: -------




We will provide sort of images when the backer box is ready to be ship.
Every product will be in nice photo and allow our users to have a look at in.



I’m asking because I have the eye tracker here, and a comfort kit that I bought in March. With all the trouble going on with the eye tracker, I am wondering wether I should leave the eye tracker box closed until the problems have been solved, or open it and try to help solve them.

If I open it now, I have to cut the comfort kit - with a risk of destroying it.

I can wait a couple of weeks, but if the comfort kit in the stretch goals box is also without the cutout, I will still need to cut it myself and we have lost valuable time.


Ahh, I see it now. I never thought to open up the old “order” . Thank you very much! :slight_smile:


Will the backer box come with the faulty hinges?
Sorry for asking, but you never know, so I prefer to be sure.


Hopefully it comes with both sets of hinges