Pimax Summer Sale 2021 - Discussion

Dam! I just received 6 m cable and now it’s half price!


It’s specially painful for me, as they don’t ship to Brazil anymore :face_vomiting: :pleading_face: :skull:


That’s stinks. I ordered it a week to soon…I suck😕


I think I’ll pass… :rofl:

“50% off” - well, not really… :joy:

Pimax Store:


Can I get a 50% off code for Amazon, please…? :slightly_smiling_face:

Amazon normally gives You free shipping on sales above ~40 EUR so who does it cost me 46,95 via the Pimax Store when it’s “FBA” (fulfilled by Amazon)…?


I also ordered a week too soon…Damm


Yeah I was about to purchase one as well, but as you pointed out… not really half price :face_with_monocle:
But why the clearance sale, new stuff coming ? 10M optical cable :grinning::laughing:


Hi ,the Express Fee is too high on you picture,I talk with support team about it ,they 've done some adjustment about it,could you please check it again


Hi… :wink:

It’s definitely better now, but I still don’t understand why it costs that much when Amazon has free shipping:

Does it really cost You that much to have Amazon send it to me from Germany?

EDIT: Or is it actually being sent “express” from China in which case it makes sense?

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Indeed it from China to Amazon and then to you , Express fee is always there, you know ~


I understand that You ship to Amazon Warehouse first, but didn’t expect that You would actually ship each product from China to Amazon and then to me

I.e. it’s a warehouse so I would think they would have some stock - i.e. that You’re sending batches - not seperate products.

Anyway, it’s still a cheaper than buying on Amazon so win-win for anyone that needs the cable (as long as the VAT part works flawlessly - i.e. we’re not getting any extra fees on top)… :slight_smile:


Still this does not make sense, Amazon warehouse should not have added shipment from china.

A shipment (larger bulk) is sent to Amazon warehouse, then put on stock. This shipment cost is added to the product price on Amazon store (not visual for the consumer)

So if Pimax choses to add shipment costs to that, then they are trying to recover some of the initial shipping costs for the Bulk shipment.

Sill not biting :laughing: nope not purchasing that cable at that price
Waiting for a 10 meter version :wink: or 8 meter


Since I received my optical cable (yes, too early, too) within just 2 days from order in Germany, I can confirm Amazon keeps local stock and the shipping costs are pure compensation on customers backs…I don’t get it how a company setting out to swash the market with VR2.0 can screw up the basics of creating a broad user base so badly and unnecessary. They really need to consider this.

Anyway, all I want for now is my ET module at the promised discount and then wait for whenever the DMAS drivers arrive or not.


Exactly my thought too, which is fine, I guess… Well, their choice… :slight_smile:

My choice is to buy or not, and though it’s cheaper than the Amazon price it’s not cheap enough for me to want to try it out as I have a working solution now with the Supra 5m cable, Lindy DP repeater and the standard cable… :slight_smile:

I don’t think that the switch from the standard cable to the optical cable (weight wise) is “worth” almost 100 EUR, but of course YMMV… :slight_smile:

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It’s not that. Many of the shipments are shipped from China as singles then FBA is essentially acting like a common carrier for the final leg delivery of a single package. For the future we are working on arranging much larger bulk shipments so the stock for accessories doesn’t instantly sell out.


In that case, it does make sense of course, but isn’t exactly… well, an optimal solution… :slight_smile:

I always just thought that when using Amazon Warehouse it was always in bulk. I.e. they were used as warehouses and not basically freight forwarders… :slight_smile:


The cost of buying from Amazon vs Buying direct and being fulfilled by Amazon.

Of course this creates confusion. If your content to wait for a sale on the pimax Amazon store one can. As @DrWilken has pointed out it is cheaper than buying through Amazon but not as cheap as one would think.

Fulfilled by using Amazon Warehouse is how there trying to work things so folks shouldn’t receive Vat/import and item processing fees. Items not fulfilled by using Amazon you as the importer are likely to pay additional fees.

So for me as it is indeed cheaper than the Amazon Pimax store it is still a deal.

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Indeed but in away think of how much we have paid when it has been UPS shipping and the like with all the to receive charges add on. To me this is much better even if not optimal and the fees are not hidden.

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Its a discount at the end of the day and one I am not going to pass up. I was waiting on the deluxe audio to get combined shipping on it + the optic cable, but given how long the deluxe audio is taking I was willing to grab this deal whilst it was there.


Agree… :+1:

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