Pimax support refuses to cancel my pre-order for the 8KX

I preordered the 8KX on November 1st and requested to cancel it only a few days later when I discovered it would not arrive until March 2020.

After a lot of back and forth with Pimax support through email, I am still unable to cancel my order and get a refund. I initiated a chargeback on my credit card after my cancelation request was continually ignored.

I am told I can cancel at any time on the website, but this appears to be untrue. Please cancel my order immediately and give me a refund. This whole situation is incredibly embarrassing for Pimax.

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Hi, I appologize for the issues ,and I am tatally understand your cocern , would you please kindly provider me your order information , I would like to help you cancel this order ,get refund money as soon as possible. My email : Amy.weng@pimaxvr.com, thanks for your business.


Hi Reactant,
This is Emily from Pimax CS team.
I wann to know whether your refund issue is moving on.
If not,Could you tell the ticket No. to me?I will follow it until it finished.
If you have no ticket,you can also submit a ticket,our team will respond it ASAP:



It has not been refunded yet. They keep refusing to refund me. Will I need to hire a lawyer to get my money back?

You should probably just provide the ticket number as requested:

Emily is in charge of after sales team so she’s the right one to get things moving, hopefully… :+1::wink:

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My ticket number is from November 5th. It is 19610. I have exchanged almost a dozen emails now and all I want to do is cancel my preorder. I requested cancellation only 4 days after ordering. I don’t see why this is so hard for Pimax to accomplish.


Hi Reactant,

So sorry for that!
@Emily.wang, could you look into this ticket asap!