Pimax vision 5k super not tracked

I’m having problem getting my headset to be tracked
As ot saying it’s not tracked

I tried unplugging and replugging
Restarting HMD,
Restarting pitool
Restert pc and unplug headset, replug headset after full restart and then start up pitool
Restsrt pc and unplug headset , and start up pitool and then replug headset,
I tried other usb ports and still nothing
I tried deleting the lighthouse folders
I tried updating windows
I tried disabling the Power management stuff
I tried Uninstalling and reinstalling pitool and steamvr
And also I meeting a unknown usb notification

What is the possible solution now?

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Run the diagnostic from pitool inside the help screen may shed some light.

Also you might try changing channels on your base station.

I did both of those and the diagnose says im all good but still not tracking?

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Having 5k tracking issue as well, tried same troubleshooting steps. Everything loads/works fine inside headset but still stuck without any tracking.

Please help troubleshoot @PimaxUSA !

Try changing to two different USB ports and using pitool to restart the service.