Pimax + Vive DAS 3d Printed Adapter Parts

hmm…which one did you choose to print? @edit nevermind…figured it out^^

can someone order them for me?(i am from holland)

And i dont know wich or were one to get…
Please any advice or help needed

Choose Treadstock App, they also deliver to germany.

do i choose mm? or inch

i ordered this in the us but only received the large side plates. i did not get any option for smaller ones. how can i get them? The large ones make my headset way too big for my small head.

Id assume you want to use mm when printing since thats normally the standard.

I’m not really sure.I haven’t used any of the printing services…Are you sure you didn’t get the small? For me even the small side hinges were too long, I had to order the Foam Replacement from here https://vrcover.com/product/htc-vive-deluxe-audio-strap-foam-replacement/ thats 20mm thick.

Perhaps you are right. I had ordered the vrCover replacement for the back of the DAS. It arrived today and it does improve the fit. Now I can wear the headset with the DAS adjusted to the smallest it will go. I look forward to VR Covers making a thicker face foam piece too. then it will be nearly perfect for me.


Just wanted to say thank you. My order arrived today and works amazingly well.

I’m in the UK and got it printed using 3dhubs.com which cost £11 for the 4 parts and delivery.
You definitely want the short version even with a large head as the DAS extends out really far, but only goes so tight because it’s not attached to the sides like the original Vive.

Had to use a bit of sandpaper on the middle pegs as freshly printed they were slightly too big to clip into the DAS, but only took a minute and they rotate smoothly. Also it’s easiest to clip the adapter into the DAS first, then extend the DAS out to max and clip it to the bars.

Putting on the Pimax is now a breeze and it no longer puts pressure on my nose :slight_smile:


Aren’t Pimax going to be giving us a das though?

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They are, but its nice to have the option to have a more comfortable solution with integrated audio now rather then later.

Glad to hear people are successfully getting them ordered and printed. Never order parts myself so I wasn’t sure how good the services were.

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Thank you Dr Cube! I got your parts in black and my DAS looks and feels like it was built with the Pimax 8k. Very comfortable!

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I got my done off this company £20 all in
Have not got them yet but they look good quality image1

I just grabbed a second hand Vive with the delux audio strap on gumtree for $600 so I will print these tomorrow . I know $600 sounds expensive but it’s not a bad price for Australia . This is why corporations call us treasure island :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


I’ve printed about 8 of these now and the hinges keep breaking on me. Is my PLA material not strong enough or what is going on? I’m scared to even use them while in VR but the top printed piece seems plenty strong. :frowning:

hmm, make sure you are printing with at least 90% infill. Also are you removing the rubber housing around the lenses when you install them side hinges ? You shouldn’t have to use any force to attach them to the headset.

I had the same issue. I just super glued the adapter to the original piece I removed for the strap, and it works perfectly. That piece seems much stronger than the hook on the printed part…

I think this is great of you sharing this with the Pimax community. I just wanted to say thanks for your work and to let you know I recieved my 3d printed parts today from the files you provided. Applied the peg top strap version and side mounts snapped right into place. Printed in black PLA with 100% infill. Little over $20 us including shipping from Print a Thing. Arrived in less than a week. Definitely an improvement over my simple attachment method. :+1:

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Thanks again here is an image of your adapters on my Pimax8k.


@Dr.Cube Perfect !!! Great job !!!


i did the same… its actually a better deal than trying to just buy base stations and a pair of wands. htc pricing is ridiculous.

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