Pimax VR Experience Beta Available Now!

Hey everyone!

Pimax VR Experience v0.70.0.0 Beta is now available for download!

Setup Instructions :

  1. Download, extract ZIP file and install PiToolSetup_1.0.2.086 (V7) (Required)
  2. Download, extract ZIP file and install Pimax VR Experience Beta Installer
  3. When PiTool has started, make sure to tick the checkbox “Start Pimax VR Home” (located in PiTool, Settings > General). This will automatically launch Pimax VR Experience.

Note: Pimax VR Experience comes with its own installer, but it requires you to have PiTool version (V7) installed beforehand.

Download Links:

PiToolSetup_1.0.2.086 (V7) (Required)

Pimax VR Experience Beta Installer

It’s been a while since the last update of Pimax VR Experience v0.60. To be able to add all planned and upcoming features, a lot of things had to be changed in the code. Therefore, Armin @arminelec and I decided to dig deeper into the code and make major core changes to the entire project. This required a massive amount of work, and we have come a long way now!

Meanwhile, we are bringing you a new updated version filled with goodies, updates and bugfixes! Feel free to give it a go, and let us know what you think :slight_smile: And as always, big thanks and credits to Armin for his amazing dedication into this project! Beta - Release Notes

What’s new:

  • New: Thumb stick/Touchpad scrolling now working on all scrollable pages with Valve Index (thumb stick) & HTC Vive (touchpad) controllers
  • New: Thumb stick/Touchpad scrolling now working on all drop-down menus with Valve Index (thumb stick) & HTC Vive (touchpad) controllers
  • New: Mouse scroll wheel scrolling now working (all scroll views including drop-down menus)
  • New: Click and drag with Valve Index & HTC Vive controllers now triggered similar to SteamVR, by semi pressing (Trigger Axis) instead of full trigger press
  • New: Added per-eye adjustment sliders for horizontal IPD Offset (range: -10 to +10 with 0.1 granularity)
  • New: Added “Restore Default” button for all IPD Offset and Screen Vertical Offset values
  • Update: Core: The entire Unity project has been largely refactored to reduce internal reference dependencies
  • Update: Core: Improved performance and reliability of the application thanks to major core changes
  • Update: Core: Refactored Main Dashboard functionality, modularity and handling to further improve performance and reliability
  • Update: Core: Entirely refactored VR controller & hand-tracking code and input handler.
  • Update: Core: Replaced hardcoded hand model names and setting IDs, with dynamic ones for future extended model support
  • Update: Core: Improved UI Theme management for future custom themes, colours, styles, skyboxes, etc.
  • Update: Core: Improved communication with PiTool
  • Update: Core: Improved mouse cursor handling
  • Update: Core: Mouse and controller pointer events
  • Update: Core: Improved leap motion hand-tracking handling
  • Update: Core: Improved functionality and reliability of application Restart/Reload/Quit features
  • Update: IPD Offset (Vertical) Adjustment slider per-eye granularity changed from ±0.5 to ±0.1 (-10 to +10 granularity))
  • Update: SteamVR Optimization code completely re-written. Now more reliable, always updating the active config file parameters
  • Update: SteamVR Optimization default GPUSpeed values changed to 2500 (because of latest SteamVR changes)
  • Update: PE is automatically increasing all existing SteamVR Optimization profiles by setting GPUSpeed = 2500 (if previously set to lower)
  • Update: SteamVR Optimization GPUSpeed adjustment range is now 2500-6000
  • Update: Haptic feedback (vibration) now triggered upon press and release of trigger
  • Update: Added smooth animations to Game-icons and Buttons upon hover (more animations to be added)
  • Update: Updated time display format to match local System time format
  • Update: Updated the analog clock icon to show system time
  • Update: Adjusted laser ray
  • Fix: Multiple issues that caused incorrect applying and listing of game-profiles in Setting, Profiles and Advanced page, sometimes applying incorrect values to the headset/PiTool
  • Fix: Incorrect listing of Command lines in Command Line Manager
  • Fix: Corrected UI Scale values for more proper size and distance for Small and Miniature UI Scale mode
  • Fix: Readjusted VR controller positions
  • Fix: Readjusted mouse pointer positions
  • Fix: Path issue with game thumbnails not showing correctly
  • Fix: Quick settings load/save/apply issues
  • Fix: Issues where manually applying Steam VR optimizations might show a failure, even when it was successful
  • Fix: Issues where automatically applying Steam VR optimizations upon game launch might show a failure, even when it was successful
  • Fix: Issues where the dashboard re-center button does not work correctly

@SweViver: PiTool link doesn’t work:


Edit: links updated above!


That works… Thanks! :slight_smile:


Really, really nice release guys (@SweViver/@arminelec) judging by the changelog…! :wink:

Looking forward to trying out all the new stuff (navigation + IPD) probably tomorrow.

Welcome features for sure (especially the navigation/scrolling ones) are some of the few things I thought the UI was really missing to make it feel polished!

I may not personally notice much of the updates/fixes (haven’t run into any of the issues mentioned or been annoyed by them and it worked nicely performance wise on my setup), but i’m sure a lot of work went into it, especially the refactoring…!

It’s the kinda thing You know You have to (or should), but aren’t always sure You really want to (take it all apart and build it up again)… But when You’re done it’s an awesome feeling of accomplishment… :smiley:

You guys rock! :+1::sunglasses:


not working…(anymore?)


God, what is wrong with Google… gimme us moment and Armin will upload it to his server!


Link in first post updated… (changed to ZIP files for both and put them on my server).
Sorry for the mess :slight_smile:


Still can’t download…

Getting this with the links your server @SweViver

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This is just Chrome automatically blocking files from a non SSL http:// source. Just right click and Save As.

Im waiting for access to Pimax FTP server so we can host the files there.

The funny part is that Google seems to think the files Im sharing is piracy lol


Thanks a lot Christian :slight_smile: Nice to hear!

Yeah its these small things that somehow makes quite a difference! Also, the huge update (refactoring) of the core soce and functionality might not have visually changed anything for the user, as we wanted to keep the same design and layout (for now at least), but it will definitely make it easier for us now to implement the upcoming features such as new scenes for IPD Guide, online profiling etc. Lets just say my previous code was a huge mess :slight_smile:


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