Pimax VR Experience

Thats great to know, thanks!

I didnt know that motion smoothing affects the SDE? Either way, Im not sure if Alex and the team is up to some changes, but I suspect the motion smoothing might never be supported by Pimax due to the nature of the different rendering pipeline. But Im just guessing here :slight_smile:

Yeah thats what I mean :slight_smile: Thanks for clarifying!

Ive noticed the overlay image is way more sharper in Beta than in regular SteamVR version.
I suspect the GPUSpeed range has just changed in non-beta. So if you used 1500 before you need 2500 or 3000 now to keep the sharpness. This is the reason we increased the GPUSpeed values to minimum 2500 on default (overwriting all existing profiles automatically, to prevent blurry image).


Its funny my 3090 gives me 2700-2900 GPSpeed on its own. Which means without tweaks, 3090 is the only GPU that makes overlays sharp on 8KX :slight_smile: Quite a drastic move by Valve lol…



What version of steam standard or Beta do you recommend to use with PE 0.70 ?

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I have to say that with backlight set to 91 and the ghosting issue now gone, the 8KX looks practically as amazing as the Reverb G2 but with a wider FOV. I now prefer the 8KX. Good job Pimax!

Now all we need is an easier color correction on RGB channels.


Is the pitool in the link a new version ?

Latest Beta for sure!

I agree, it really made a huge difference! :slight_smile:

I just heard from Alex the new FW will be official in 2 days!

Its a version based on the latest, but also including some fixes and proper Per-eye IPD Vertical Offset adjustment stepping 0.1 instead of previous 0.5. So I recommend you to use this version now.

Later this week (it seems) we will release a official PiTool version including these changes and bundled with latest PE.


@sweeviver : Does it make sense to make a youtube video ( I mean you ) to let people know how beatiful this product now is ( the 8k X ) . I want that thousands of people know how awesome the 8k X now has become.


Yes once we go official I will highlight this in a video :slight_smile: Thanks man, me too!


You might want to get that online well before X-mas


I’ll be doing my part to spread the word on my channel.


I suggest for Pimax to add a color saturation slider bar, improve color being too muted


Hi Marcin! Great work, once again :clap:
An ideas why my steam library can´t be seen in pimax experience anymore? noticed suddenly without having installed something meanwhile, both on versions and now with ,too? ( PiTool Having reinstalled both , nothing changed. Does it have to do something with Steam? Any ideas how to resolve? :thinking:Thx!


Sure of course!

Thanks man :slight_smile:

I agree and I have discussed this with the team. I think they are actually looking into that possibility.

Oh I haven’t seen that problem for a long time since early beta days. Can u please pastebin the Player.log directly after PE startup?


…Good to know


Wait, are you saying that using the PiTool version linked by Sweviver allows for backlight adjustment but lacks the ghosting side effects? Is this a different version of PiTool than the one shared last week? Does it require the fw that was shared by some users?


Please just better wait 2 days and the new firmware, new PiTool and updated PE will be available. Which will include backlight adjustment on 8KX and correct backlight adjustment on PE without the need of reboot (for all headsets). Me and and Armin are currently working on this while Alex and Bill are doing their changes to upcoming PiTool.


@SweViver thanks for all the great work with PE (along with @arminelec) It has really made the 8KX so much easier to use that I no longer feel like I have to jump through hoops when playing different games. Any update on how the new IPD configuration tool is coming along? I suspect that is the last piece that will help even more people see how good the 8KX can really look.


I suppose eventually the eye tracking calibration tool gets a place in the PE too?

Having said that I want to put another 2 cents in the bag of progress;
I am kinda disappointed with apps like Virtual Desktop and UI interfaces in general.

It’s like nobody has given it any thought (yet) but is a 1 to 1 representation of a flat screen into VR the only way we can enter this new age of VR?
We can place the menu at a certain distance and oh boy we can even curve it! How absolutely unimaginative. We should be able to reinvent menu’s and UI in VR. It should take FULL advantage of the 3D available and the 360 degrees of area to place things.
The PE is a complete copy of the Steam VR overlay and other menus and as such it looks just the same as everything. Of course the function of PE is absolutely awesome, kudos for that for sure guys!

But I hope some designer is able to think outside of the 2D plane and imagine a box where we can work in.

And because I am an old school Pimax enthusiast, I would love to see Pimax be the one to start this new world where we say goodbye to flatscreen world everywhere, as wel as in VR!


The PE interface looks fantastic and works extremely well. Awesome job! Thank you @SweViver!


ahhh, THAT’s why it won’t work lol. Look forward to 8KX support on backlight :+1: