Pimax VR Experience Beta Download

Thank you for you kind words. We humbly agree and would like to let you know that we are designing a new IPD adjustment tutorial/wizard. This will take some time till the first set is ready.

We would recommend giving the existing IPD adjustment fine-tuning within PE (or in PiTool) a try. In PE you can currently further adjust the IPD for smaller IPDs by moving the Horizontal IPD sliders towards the negative value to decrease it. I hope it helps!

This is odd! I can play all my flat games so far. Granted I do not have many. Would you please make a new topic in Bug reports for it so we can further discuss it there?


I have a question, I only play 3 games with my 8KX - DCS is my primary , Elite Dangerous is next most played, then once in a while IL2. I currently just update the steamvr config file from time to time and my Pitool settings work well for color. I have also even though have a 60.5mm IPD, have my offsets working very well and the color settings make everything pop.
When I currently run DCS, I just click on the DCS shortcut that brings up Steamvr - I am running Voice Attack and SRS and Discord.

Would there be enough benefit to installing PE at this time as it would just be another way to launch a game?

Kindest Regards and thanks for all the help,

No. I got into it to play with the handtracking and it’s useful if you want to change any of the settings, like steamVR rez up or down on a per game basis, but I was doing the same and it worked fine for me as well.
As long as you’re not playing around with the colors, rez, ipd or anything like that, kiss! (Keep It Simple Stupid -no insult intended)

Since no one else is addressing this
No, it does not. The only software that I’ve encountered that tackles this is VR Toolbox. They refer to it as:

First Person Mode
VR Toolbox supports FPS mode, where the HMD orientation is translated to mouse movement. This lets you look around in first-person shooters by moving your head.

They also have an ‘injector’ that they use to minimize the overhead but it only works on older dx versions and doesn’t seem to be updated anymore.

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Hi. Thanks for the reply!

Would be nice pimax add the lock screen feature for the pimax virtual desktop feature and the control of the mouse via headset.

For the controlling of the mouse, i use the “cinemizer headtracking”, but if i am not mistaken “virtual desktop” on the quest migbt have added the feature if i read the updates correctly ? Been a while i did not use it.

If you have a quest headset and you use “virtual desktop” program, that lock screen feature exists. I have asked the developer to add it, he added it, and i think it is cool.

@SweViver Hi, I do not have latest VR Experience version, but there is no “pause VR when HMD is not active”?
I leave my pc longer time turned on, for downloads or something, and at first I was not sure, but now I see VR Experience is always in my screens??
I will disable it for now, please add pause screens due inactivity, or enlighten me if I just miss to thick something in settings. Thank you.

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I did think of one purpose for PE: screen burn in. I’ve heard reports of the Pi Logo getting burned into the screens. So either keep it powered off or do the PE thing, I’m thinking.

Edit: or you can leave SteamVR up and running and it will put the headset into standby. If you don’t do one or the other, you should find that your headset always has the Pi logo on the display, if it’s powered on. I think.

Steam vr has standby. Pitool logo picture also, at least at my pc. Just PE never goes to blank screens

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Are there hotkeys to simulate clicking the menu button on a VR controller, if you don’t use VR controllers?
Or does PE still close when you start a game?

I assume you mean head-lock? We can add this, as its quite an easy implementation. By the way, I remember the application Virtual Desktop had this built-in already?

We have put this on the list as well.

Yes, to begin with, we will get an PE update-feature built in into PiTool (just like firmware/PiTool updates). We are waiting for the team to finish this.

Not a bad idea. Im personally a big fan of backlighting for TVs (built my own a few years ago) as it helps to increase the perceived contrast and brightness.

It might be a DRM issue. We are looking into other ways of grabbing the monitor view for VD. But before we can do that change, we have some other more important tasks to finish and release.

I will ask the team if they can inverse their +/- order in PiTool instead, which currently makes no sense.

Might be a DRM issue. We are investigating this.

We will add a screen saver feature to PE. The screen saver in PiTool is somehow not reliable in latest versions.

Yes, at the moment it does. Armin is researching a way of having PE running idle in background during SteamVR/game sessions. Its apparently possible, but requires some work to be done.


If you have success: please make this an option switchable


Hello @SweViver , please remember the chance to switch off / on the base station ( or configure PE in order to call batch before running pe and during quitting)! Best wishes to you and @arminelec!

What would be really useful is a SteamVR overlay that uses the same PE <-> PiTools communication protocol for those things that don’t require SteamVR restart, like color correction or backlight.

Anyway the latest fpsVR release introduces backlight and color correction support for Valve Index, maybe it would also support Pimax, if only he knew how to do it


The developer of “virtual desktop” added a checkbox in the Advanced options under the Settings tab. The option is called “Remove head lock delay”. That was in June 2019. Hopefully the option is still there and called the same? Didn’t check in a long time.

Thank you so much for looking to add it also in your program!

Thank you also for looking into this!

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I don’t know if I am being unduly thick but I cannot get Experince to start. I have downloaded and installed both PitoolSetup_1.0.2.087_V2.0 and Pimax VR Experience as in the OP.

I installed the new Pitool. Start Pimax Home was/is checked. I then installed Experience.

I start PiTool which opens OK. I do have to wave the 8K+ around before it will detect it. Experience does not automatically launch. I start Steam VR from PiTool. Experience does not launch.

I even start DCS from the Desktop (making Experience pointless) but still Experience doesn’t show up.

Why doesn’t Experience download come with user instructions?
Just how am I supposed to start it?
Why do I need to run PiTool first anyway, isn’t the the point of Experience not having to use PiTool?
Why do I need to start SteamVR separately from PiTool? Isn’t Experience supposed to start it?

To confuse me further I did have it start up once seemingly at random and not following anything I did other than flipping between PiTool and SteamVR trying to find out how I am supposed to start it. I have not been able to breath life into it since.

WAIT! I just closed SteamVR (after starting PiTool and then SteamVR from PiTool) and suddenly Experience started. Is that how it is supposed works? Open PiTool, start SteamVR, close SteamVR ??

Help please.

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Yes… Besides opening SteamVR first… :wink:

Pimax Experience runs when nothing else is running.

As it communicates directly with PiTool that has to be running (well the services do) and it cannot run when SteamVR and/or a game is running as it’s not an overlay but more like a VR application that communicates with PiTool.

An advanced launcher (or home environment) if You will… :upside_down_face:

I have PiTool starting with Windows and PE starts whenever I power on the headset.

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DrWilken thank you. Well, this is strange. I have PiTool.exe enabled in startup (seen in Task Manager) but it is not running in processes or Apps so there is no Pitool icon in the system tray. If I start PiTool from the Desktop the icon appears in the system tray and task bar, PiTool appears in Apps and PiService in processes. It then takes about half a minute to recognise my 8K+ and another half minute before Experience starts. It seems that the failure to run on startup and the lag in opening have both misled me. I still don’t know why it doesn’t start with Windows. I would still say that such a simple guide with the download would have been helpful: Ensure PiService is running. Run PiTool. Wait until HMD is recognised and then wait until Experience launches.

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You’re welcome… :wink:

Is that checked? (also remember the “hide to taskbar…” option)… :slight_smile:

If so, use the “Services” app (Windows) to verify that the PiServiceLauncher is set to manual (PiTool starts the service when it launches):

I was actually going to tell You to set it to automatic, but I guess that’s not how I have it set up and it works for me this way… :slight_smile:

Not sure what the default is as I’m on my 2nd Pimax device (also own a pre-order 5K+) and haven’t had to need to re-install Windows since initial install many Years ago… :wink:

Thanks again for your help.
Run PiTool at Windows Startup is and was ticked but it didn’t and doesn’t start.
Under Services PiServiceLauncher was set to Manual. I have changed that to Automatic.

When I restart the PC Experience now starts straight away. I also tried Automatic (delayed start) and it starts after about 2 minutes. In neither case does PiTool start and in both cases it says ‘Not connected to PiTool’. It does however respond to the 8K+ now and presumably I don’t need to use PiTool or startVR now. I will test in some games later. All I need now is a minimise button or, if I Quit it, how to restart it without restarting the PC :no_mouth:

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I have a 1440p monitor but the virtual desktop in Pimax experience looks blurry and pixelated to me. Why is that?