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Thanks guys… :upside_down_face:

How did You know it was my birthday today…? (The cake symbol)… :upside_down_face:


Its all great, but I was expecting IPD settings as it was mentioned in live on youtube.


Happy birthday! Perhaps it should be a :pie: :smiley:

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Has the RGB color settings bug been corrected in this version?

What’s the latest PiTool that we should be running and is anyone having any issues with it?

Also, as always, thanks for your work, Arminelec!

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Armin and Martin plan to do a livestream answering questions and talking about Pimax Experience development news on Thursday at 1PM EST on the Sweviver channel.


Thanks for doing the video - that helps a lot to understand the changes. Good to see development continuing. I can’t wait until PE recognises the non-Steam version of Elite!


Can you give an option to have PE run in Windows mode. I don’t like full screen every time it open because I have other windows i need to get to. Also, it seems like I can never get Project Cars 2 to run off of PE, but work with Pitools…I updated the latest version already. And when I close PE and run SteamVR it won’t work either unless I go to Task Manager and close all the Steam processes. Something not right.

That’s strange - PE always opens in a (non-resizable) window for me.


Same here. There’s an option for it somewhere… :upside_down_face:

Well if there is one, I can’t find it or it doesn’t work. It loads up fullscreen every time for me. I don’t know what the deal is.

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I’ll have a look later. It’s probably under “customize”.

Looks exciting. I’ve been using Virtual Desktop (or vorpX Desktop if I’m running games through vorpX) to be able to adjust settings without leaving VR.

A couple quick questions before I even bother:

  1. Will this work with custom game launchers? Many of us end up launching our games through custom launchers, not through PiTool or Steam: Content Manager for Assetto Corsa, sksevr for Skryrim VR, etc. Can I assign a custom game launcher in Pimax VR Experience?

  2. Will this work with an XBox controller? I mostly run racing Sims and therefore still haven’t bothered to invest in motion controllers (well, I have, but they are motion controllers for racing sims; Thrustmaster T500 FFB Wheel etc.)

Installed and took a look at this, and I like it overall but I do think you’re going to have to make some changes before it works universally for a lot of us hard-core gamers. Like I mentioned above; there are a LOT of custom launchers, mods, scripts add-ons and the like that require launching titles through a method other than the default for the game (modding Frostbite engine games for example; you launch the game through the modding application in order for the mods to work). It’s certainly possible I missed something, but it looked to me to act mostly like Steam itself; where it assumes the default launcher for any title will be used. Including a full Desktop in VR view, rather than what it currently has, might work. That way we could go into PE, tweak whatever settings we wished, and switch to desktop mode to launch our games through our custom launchers, all with the HMD still in place. Other than that everything looked excellent so far!

You can already do that with the desktop view that Pimax Experience currently has


Ah, OK, I hadn’t found that yet. I did find the desktop view and the mode where I could interact with it, but it was reduced in size and hard to read (not like VR Desktop for example); I’m guessing there is a full-screen button somewhere I need to look for?

Yes, there are options to make it full screen and adjust the size and how close it appears to you


Hi @arminelec and @PimaxUSA. Don’t know if this is a PE bug or if something else went wrong.

I recently updated the 8KX firmware to P2_8KX_M298_EngineerTest.dfu, and Pitool to I had to use the standalone Pitool installer because updating from inside Pitool gave me lots of errors.

When I reinstalled Pitool it over-wrote PE - which I thought was going to be fixed, but never mind.

So I re-installed PE, which as far as I know is the current version. It came up OK, and looked normal. The games that I had imported manually were still there, as were the PE profiles I had created.

Then I noticed that:

  • In the left panel, the settings were all set to low and the FOV control was disabled. If I start a new profile, it inherits these.

  • In the right panel, the “system information” is unpopulated.

  • Choosing “restart PE” from the bottom panel gives me a warning, but then it doesn’t restart.

PE left panel PE right panel

Check if Pitool is running? I had some time same errors when pitool crashed.

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