Pimax VR Experience Store in Virtual Reality!

Somnium Space is making the “Greenland” in Ready Player One into reality. Pimax will be the first VR hardware experience shop in Virtual Reality.

(non published link)

What you can do in the Virtual Reality experience shop:

  • Take the headset into your hands, look around;

  • Check how big the lenses are;

  • Review the general experience dimensions and build quality;

  • Buy headsets and accessories;

  • Watch reviews made by testers :slight_smile:

  • Meet other VR enthusiasts and chat :beer:

The store is not live yet. Let’s shape the first VR store together. Looking forward to your comments!

Somnium Space crowd invest campaign

The creators of the store, Somnium Space, is running a crowd invest campaign, where people can buy real shares of Somnium Space Ltd.

If you buy 15 shares (16 GBP each) you will receive a free small land parcel as a bonus.

Campaign link: https://www.seedingvr.co.uk/invest/somnium-space

only 6 days left.

Learn more about the campaign:

And of course Sebastian from Mixed Reality TV did a great video about buying land in Somnium!


Having shops like this is a great idea but I was surprised at the small size of it. As a virtual space I would expect more than the minimum size and looks of a real-world store.

That .Gif you guys made with the expanding FOV would be a great example to give people


Or maybe also a wide theme.
So the store would be very wide when you enter it. The windows to outside would be very wide. Put a wide window next to a standard window to show the difference.

Or when you walk inside the store the first part is narrow, then comes a bigger room that is comparitive to the wide size difference of the 8K vs normal headsets. A giant head of Sebastian appears. SweVR is there. We’re drinking adult beverages.


Thomas: Was gehts ab Leute? Jetzt gehts los!
Martin: That being said. You are going to be so surprised!
Sebastian: Adult beverages! All coming up right now!
Twack3r: Wicked!

On topic: very nice! That’s some virtual step forward. Going to meet you there in due time. :sparkles::sparkling_heart:


@mixedrealityTV Great to see your the new Pimax Virtual rep. Hope their paying you a six figure salary :wink:

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You crack me up :joy:


This is really cool, particularly that you will be able to run an actual functional store out of it. It’s a pity about the extremely limited space, but i guess the limit is what gives it the value.

In the future it might be cool for pimax to set up a presence in vrchat, a good chunk of the userbase there are actually regular desktop users, so its not the worst place to have an advertising presence, a lot of people without VR interacting directly with people in VR . You wont be size restricted in the world you create which could allow for some pretty unique methods of showing the headset too, like a large 3d representation that can be cycled through an animated showcase / disassembly , idp adjustment , future peripherals etc.


This reminds me of Decentraland, where you can also buy virtual ‘land’ (powered by the Ethereum blockchain). Some developers/companies actually spend up to 175.000 dollar for virtual land, to build stores/games/casino’s, all sorts of things.
Will Pimax be there as well? @anon23564932


Put me on the waiting list for PiMax 8K please. :wink:

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Check banner at top fir Pre Order link


No investing for the US? WTF?

Heard about this blockchain project, still watching…


Here is the issue. There is nothing to stop other people creating virtual worlds and so the market will inevitably become diluted.
The only reason for companies to invest is if the virtual world is well populated with potential customers.


Exactly! There’s no limit to the number of virtual worlds on the internet; it’s essentially a website with VR “pages” (locations).

In the long run, you’ll need some major reason to visit. Entertainment companies like Disney, will wind up running their own virtual worlds with their own copyrighted material, which will be in “locked gardens”. The first popular VR world(s) will probably wind up doing well (IF they are smart), much like FaceBook, Google, Amazon, or eBay.

Just like the various bit coins, I wouldn’t recommend spend/invest any significant money in VR “real estate”, at this point, no one can guess the eventual victors and you could end up owning shares of Alta Vista instead of Google. Short term, it might be OK, but you’d need to get out before the “pyramid scheme” topples.

What’s “Alta Vista”? That’s my point… no one uses it any more, but at one time it was the main search tool on the internet.


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