Pimax VR Experience Tool and future PiTool

I´m very pleased with the idea of the upcoming Pimax VR Experience-Tool.

And i can´t wait to get my hands on it.

The only thing i´m concerned about it is, i hope it is not running in the background while playing a game and doesnt take resources (drops FPS) if so.

We all know that we need every frame possible in our games, so please keep that in mind.

I also like the upcoming revision of the PiTool ToolTips, thank you so much for listening to our needs and feedback.

I think going to the more user-friendly route, is one of the right ways to go, in order to get more customers.
To be honest, the complexity to get a Pimax HMD run optimized, almost held me up from getting one.
I can´t count the hours i´ve tinkered settings anymore…

So more Plug and Play is very good for newcomers, but please keep the possibility to tinker manually for the enthusiasts.

Great job so far, cheers!


As I posted elsewhere. Pimax “VR Experience” runs BEFORE SteamVR, Oculus anything, etc. It uses the Pimax Developer SDK directly. Thus, it is NOT expected to be running in the background, and certainly will not be

“VR Experience” runs BEFORE SteamVR. In fact, it should also support Oculus API VR applications as well, and you should be able to add custom VR apps to it.

So, it is a one click “start my VR application with sane settings, SteamVR overrides, etc”. So if you are a sim user, you can be sure you don’t have to run SteamVR, start your VR App, get things set properly, restart everything, etc.

One click “start my VR application with sane settings”.


I look forward to trying it out. Looks good. I’m a little surprise that it is not replacing the pitools. From what I could see it will do everything and more the the pitools.

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Separate functionality. “VR Experience” is more of a ‘management engine’. It provides some synthetic tests (specifically IPD), and changes settings in PiTool, SteamVR, etc. PiTool itself is where you are free to change the settings yourself.

Another way to look at it is that PiTool (or similar headset driver software) must be running, while “VR Experience” is optional.

I have a lurking suspicion there would be some people who (justifiably) might dislike the “VR Experience” if it were not optional.

Another thing this is not. Microsoft Bob.


I love the layout and that I can change the background from the dark to a sky blue. Also like I just have to start the Experience and not the Oculus software (which is why I l left) and StreamVR. I also liked what was said it is made for people like me plug and play. (just hit the auto button.)


What I like best is that it provides an easy way to set the SteamVR maxRecommendedResolution option. That’s a frequent issue for new users.


Perfect! :+1:

I see that coming too, just keep it optional to make everybody happy.

I also like the Mouse and Keyboard support! Very well though through! :+1: :star_struck:

Can we resurrect the ability to enable external shader support or it’s beyond feasibility?

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Was there a specific PiTool version you know that worked with? This seems to me like something that needs to be corrected in PiTool itself.

External shader support would be freaking awesome.

External shader support was never an official option in PiTool but it has been requested.

Unfortunately, the transition to VR Direct Mode migrated away from external shader support not just with Pimax HMD’s.

Titles were visually enhanced way beyond what we’ve been stuck with now.

Perhaps OpenXR can breath new life at some point.


Pimax experience if implemented and successfully adapted could turn into a huge win for pimax and its users. Plug and play is necessary for the future of VR.

I would love to see setup with a future calibration tool with the eye tracking. Although pimax doesn’t have an powered mechanical IPD it does have an software adjustment. I would love to see a software tool that assists with choosing the best mechanical setting for each user. Further calibration could be provided via software for each individual user and be corrected by a software “map” generated by a calibration done during the wack-a-mole or similar program. Allowing for an individual’s distinctive configuration and providing the best 3D experience. Such a configuration would allow the best comfort and could be used for corrections of people with lazy eye and other conditions.

I feel VR has many potentials and hope Pimax will continue to drive things forward at a reasonable price.


By the “Pimax Experience” I hope that doesn’t mean 2 and a half years of waiting to change your fov lol