Pimax will not track until I restart

My Pimax will not lighthouse track until I restart. Sometimes I have to restart multiple times. I have now like half an hour every time I wanna play just for the setup. Nothing else helps except a complete computer restart. Not quitting and restarting Pitool and not rebooting the headset.
This issue started with a new steam update. It does not happen on the newest Pitool Software, but I’m stuck on 144 because of the still not resolved stutters which have been introduced last summer.
I’m beginning to loose all patiance with the product and company. >.>
I’ve been avoiding getting my pimax out and it has been collecting dust since that newest issue has been introduced. I’m trying again today and just lost hope after fiddling with it for another 30 mins.


This happens to me too, it’s basically the reason I don’t use my Pimax anymore. I’m stuck on 144, but nothing that I do makes the LHs be detected on the first try, so I’ve to restart the computer, sometimes even several times until they are detected, and then sometimes Index Controllers aren’t detected correctly, so all in all it can take me 10-15 minutes to even start playing on VR. And then there’s the foggy lenses, so lately I don’t even bother to use VR and has slowly killed my passion for VR.

The latest alpha firmware doesn’t have this issue and most of the time it detects the LHs just fine, but then there’s the stutter than kills almost all games.

So yeah, I’m retired of VR and my Pimax 8k is taking dust until @PimaxVR is able to fix an issue that’s already 6 months old. This has really burned me, I used to recommend Pimax, but I really can’t stand this lousy support anymore.

So please Pimax, if you can’t fix this, at least make 144 detect LHs normally just like in the current alpha.


I had same kind of issues but no more since i’ve bought a pcie 4 usb care like this one : https://www.amazon.in/Ext-Quad-Bus-PCI-Express/dp/B072HJ53TN
Standard usb 3.0 from motherboards hib seams to struggle, since i’ve got this pcie card my pimax is well detected at 100%.

You need to be sure to take card with indépendant usbs, that what makes the price high, but worth th money.

Good luck

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Is HMD at least 1.5 m from the base?

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Yes, it is farther away then 1.5 meters. It will not be tracked by lighthouses. Tracking by sensors works. Controllers are tracked normally but the headset is stuck at the position of on of the lighthouses.

My Computer is mini ITX.

Thank you!
I had this issue last week since i had connected two steering wheels at the same time. After disconnecting one of them problem was solved.

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