Piservice No Longer Launches-Headset Won't Connect

I’ve had the Pimax 5k+ for over a year and its been working fairly well. Yesterday (before changing anything) I kept getting error 30000 in PiTool. Couldn’t ever get the headset to connect. Headset was on with a red indicator light. I finally figured out that piservice had stopped running. I have tried reinstalling pitool after complete uninstall and folder deletion. I have even reflashed the headset to firmware 263. Current pitool is 255. However, I am still stuck. Piservice will not start and the headset will not connect with pitool. I can force it to recognize by starting it manually from the runtime folder, but this seems to make the headset very unstable. Nothing is working as it should now and I have no idea how to get back to where the headset is useable. Any ideas?

Can you post your system Configuration?

Windows 10 Pro
32GB Corsair DDR4 3000MHz
2080 ti fe
1TB Samsung EVO M.2

Can you check your AV as it might be preventing Pi Service.

Also in Pitool goto help and check Diagnose as maybe part of install is not complete.

Just in case please file a support ticket just in case and they can arrange a Teamviewer Session.

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Only AV is Windows defender. I shut it off and no change. Pitool Diagnose shows service check as stoped (I assume they mean “stopped”). I click start service, and a blank cmd window opens, hangs for a few seconds, then closes. Nothing happens. I opened a ticket through pitool.

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I would reccommend also try redownloading and try a reinstall. Something might not have downloaded correctly.

I only have Windows Defender and have had no issues so far

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First suggestion from support was to install pitool 258. I did, and no change. As you know, 258 has an option to “restart service” on the homepage. No matter what, it will not start the piservice. I’m really stumped on this one.

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Hmmm… Can you screenshot Diagnose page in pitool?

Maybe try right click and run as admin

Try fresh Windows install. It works for me everytie, i got a problem. Now i have two operating systems. One for work and second for playing.

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I would really hate to do that, but I’m almost out of options. I installed pitool and hooked up the headset to another computer and was able to get pitool (258) running properly. No problems with starting piservice. So…I want to be completely sure I am deleting everything associated with pitool and pimax and then try to reinstall pitool. Does anyone have a link that shows where every folder is that needs to be deleted to completely clean all traces (including settings) of pitool/piservice? Thanks.

Mabe you should try some special software (like Uninstall Tool)?