Pitool Discussion

Pitool Discussion

So Pitool 1.0.1 258 just released, I can’t comment in that topic and apparently I can’t create a new topic, so I’ll share my experience here.

First, huge thanks to @Heliosurge and the Pimax team, I’m amazed that they managed to include reset HMD and service buttons even after only a few days since I suggested it. It actually was really helpful today, since the first time I booted the HMD it was detected by Pitool and LHs, but the screen was black, like it was turned off. I clicked the HMD reboot button, and a few seconds later it reconnected and it was working just fine, it looks like a minor thing but this usually forced me to reboot for several minutes, having it fixed in seconds felt like magic.

About the catalyst thing, it’s maxed by default, so I was expecting stutters and having to lower it, however I had no stutters at all even maxed, at least on SteamVR home, everything worked great, tracking, controllers, stutters, performance. Maybe I’ll report some issues when I try a few games, but right now i’m really happy with my Pimax 8K and Pimax software team.

I’ve criticized Pimax a lot, but now is time to say a big thanks to them, they have fixed all my problems at this point, and it’s great because 8K is a stunning device only hindered by the beta state of their software, I may even recommend again PImax devices at this point. Now come Half Life Alyx, my body and Pimax are ready.


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Glad to hear 258 is working out well.


i like this version with the 8k+ no stutters setting the new gpuslider right and good performance


Thanks for the Russian language, Спасибо :+1:


I don’t understand what the GPU catalyst is? Can you please tell me? on Dirt rally 2.0 enormously from Judder to the max (Pimax 5k+)


i would also be interrested to know what hides behind “gpu catalyst”, in and of itself, that doesnt seem to mean anything.

also weird, the new pitool says that there is no Firmware update for my 5k+.
is V2.1.255.244 still the newest version for SN 2026?


What is GPU Catalyst? Mine updated fine. Will test in Assetto Corsa tonight. Generally run large FOV with 90hz.

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My FW is 255:

Yep same for me in both DCs and Il2
Ironic that 258 totally cleared up the juddering in my loading screens but then added it to the actual game play. A total mess.
Not only that, it tanked my fps losing 20-25% in DCS.
Returned to 249 and all is well (in game) as before.


Exactly the same for me, the performance is much lower than the 249. Pitool 249 is the best when it comes to performance.


My FW is 262

Catalist should be set to 0 (minimum), then everything works like before. I need to test more, but it works!

Please disregard this part of post, that was mistake:
Fast test in IL-2 - not good. I use large fov, and I tried catalist slider 10, then 8.5 - booth give problem with my right screen. Whenever graphic is too complex, my right eye becomes slide show + special effect like looking trough water. Also my positioning (tracking) is a little bit jankier then on i.e. pitool 253.
I will revert back to 253.

PS: I have feeling that catalyst slider must be pushed more than 10; like this pitool destroys about 10% of performance. Pitty…


The Catalyst at 0, did you also notice a drop in performance compared to the 249 which makes me win up to 15 20 fps on dirt rally or project cars 2?

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Ran it at 0. Did not resolve my issues. My head still hurts so won’t be further playing with 258.

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I am looking for a pitool version where the backlight was still adjustable. Unfortunately you can’t download older versions anymore :frowning:


Are you 5k+ serial 202? If so you might have a different firmware for the 110hz mode.

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Check here. If not give me a version number.

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Yes, I have a 5k+ serial 202.

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If you upgraded to the special firmware to support 110hz you will have a different firmware than 255.


Is this 258 derived from 254 in terms of gpu and framerate handling?

i mean, if it’s the same build with just some fixes?