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258 working very stable with dirt rally 2.

GPU utilization should be set to 0 or 1.
Default 10 is way too high causing problem with image.

Apparently gpu catalyst works like gpu usage % boost. If you set to “5” then you will have 5% more gpu utilization.
At “0” in dirt rally 2 my gpu usage is 90%. When I set it to “7” my gpu usage was 97%. More fps, but picture was stutter.

Thank you Pimax Dev!! Great job :+1:


@Alex.liu and Pimax, wow awesome Job with Pitool 258! To me, it seems like 258 is more resilient then previous versions when it comes to raising Super Sampling. It lets me raise Super Sampling extremly high and GPU still takes it, while previous versions did not go there.
For example Project Cars 2, i raised SS to absurd: Pitool 2.0/Steam VR 130%/Ingame 1.0 and GPU is still trying to bring it.
I also can confirm 258 is more resilient at “large FOV”, DCS runs so smooth now in “large FOV”.
Overall 258 gives me more Resolution, more FOV, no studder/judder, screen saver, reliability and more resilience.
I´ve tested Pitool 132/144/180/197/245/249/253/254a/255 but 258 is my favorite Pitool now.
Thank you so much for the hard work and improvements!


That is good news for you at least.

What headset do you have ?

Do you know the firmware version you use ?

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I strongly recommend version 258. it finally fixed my critical problem. (high FPS but stuttering)

-Layout is great! I like horizontal option selection. it is much easier to use.

-I like new feature of START button. it automatically reboot the steamVR and run the game. very handy.

I want some more feature like below

  • Let us create custom game list and change its name. delete the profile.

  • Let us control Pitool option in SteamVR tray in VR (like fpsVR , Revive)


Is everything still crisp and not blurry? SteamVR just had an update, which might have reset the maxRecommendedResolution to the too-low default. (I haven’t yet checked, but that could mean that you’re not getting the full SS render size.)


i´m on:
HMD: 5K+
Pitool: 258
Firmware: 255
Nvidia: 442.19
Win10 64bit

best regards

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Everything is cristal clear here, no blurry.



Where is this START button? Do you mean ‘reboot hmd’ in STATUS tab?

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EDIT: After reinstalling 258 AND rebooting the whole PC + repowering the headset it solved all problems for me.

I am playing only Beat Saber with my 5k+ (203 Serial) in 120 Hz Mode.

Used PiTool Version:
254: Best result so far
255: Introduced little amount of consistent lags, but acceptable
258: Total disaster. Lags beyond measure.

By reducing the gpu catalyst to 0 and set the hz to 90hz the situation improved but
a.) but you can’t use it longer then 1 minute, without going sick or crazy.
b.) compared to 254/255 it is still a disaster.

No Clue what happend. Hardware stayed the same (AMD x3950 + NVIDIA 2080TI).

Rolling back to 255 solved the problem somehow, while still a consistent lag can be seen but not as close as bad like with 258.

P.s.: I am using the Pitool since, i don’t know 1 year, so i’ve tested a lot versions in this time. This version was the first ever which introduced so much lags that it rendered the headset unusable.


Sad to hear that 258 is not working for you. Very interesting, since we are running same HMD same 203 Serial and RTX 2080Ti, exept i´m on a Intel i7 7700K. I experience the extreme opposite.


I will test it out tomorrow again. Only thing i haven’t done after installing the 258 was a clean restart of the system. Might be the reason for it.


I have tried the new pitool just briefly with my 8k+ and have great results. I have been playing fallout 4 for the last few weeks. I play in normal fov smart smoothing enabled and aggressive ffr and still get a little stutter. With new pitool it is running a lot better. I get to enjoy Fallout 4 VR in high res, wide fov, with a smooth experience!! :exploding_head:


ok nervermind, after reinstalling 258 and rebooting the whole system the experience is unbelievable butter smooth. I even have to say, i never ever had SUCH a smooth experience with the 5k+ ever! Top!


So good to hear! I´m happy for you :slight_smile:

5 Likes fixed most tracking issues with Index controller also at faster movements.
A lack of competitiveness in Eleven Table Tennis can no longer be attributed to poor tracking quality. :smile:

But every 10-20 minutes the tracking is interrupted for a few seconds as if the controllers would reconnect. However this is much better than or and currently not worth mentioning.

Second best version after regarding accurate and fast movement tracking was


Tried this .258 with my 2026 5K+ (still on 255 firmware).

I had to revert back to 255 because (only!) the right eye screen was stuttering and jittering like crazy in SteamVR home. Launched Pistol Whip, it was ok, but after one game I returned to the level selection there and both eyes were jumping around.

Reinstalled 255 and those issues were gone…

I’ll reinstall 258 again and play around with this mysterious GPU Catalyst thing, but it needs to be explained clearly what this does or what impact it has.

It from my understanding is a GPU utilization adjustment


Ah, that workaround to get people’s GPU to get closer to 100% utilisation?

Anything above GPUCat 1 gives me that right eye jumping/jittering/stuttering defect on my RTX2080Ti.
Turned it back to 0 as I didn’t see that much improvements.

Also (had this in previous pitools too so not because of .258) Smart Smoothing gives me some serious distortions/artefacts (most visible in SteamVR home when moving your head around even the slightest, edges of objects jump around for a split second).

Will continue to evaluate this version… Cheers


The utilization adjustment is more for folks that were having studdering issues. But others may find benefits.

Some better details on changes would be better.


I did experience studders between .144 and pre-.254alpha.
But it is way less in .255 and .258 with the right settings. (still not 100% gone, but more sporadic, not regular, so a big improvement nonetheless)