PiTool discussion - Split from "Tracking Issues April 2020" thread

PiTool discussion - Split from "Tracking Issues April 2020" thread

I totally agree on that… :+1:

They should make it easy (easier) to just enjoy the devices from the get go. Not everybody wants to scour the web for setup guides every time they want to play some VR… :upside_down_face:

EDIT: Don’t get me wrong. PiTool is definitely moving in the right direction compared to earlier releases so kudos for that! :+1::wink:


I been trying this version and no problems at all. Now with normal FOV the values changed it in steam VR, surprised to set it 300% but performance still the same (good of course), on other hand clarity seens a lot better, best version so far.

Thnks Pimax



How about GPU Catalyst in 259 ? Its working better now than in previous realeses ? I have not tested this verison yet ( playing with 253 and afraid dimming issue) but remebered that some racing sims stutter with added Catalyst values.

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Hey @Yata_PL i´ve tested it for you real quick. Best setting is still on my sweetspot. If i go other then my sweetspot, game will Stutter/Judder.

Which is unfavorable, because in some GPU demanding Games,my 2080ti is stuck at ~75% of its potential.

From my understanding, GPU Catalyst is not meant to gain more GPU utilization rather then help some GPU´s to fix Stutter/Judder problem.

But if GPU Catalyst is meant to gain GPU utilization/performance, then please Pimax fix this. I would love to see my GPU uses 99% of its potential.


It is not that simple. The GPU is not the only bottleneck, it is complex. The GPU catalyst slider is a hack that lets you push past the tolerance of your system but that tolerance is there for a reason; to ensure stability of frame delivery and vertical sync. If pushing it up results in instability for you, then you are already at or close to the maximum level for your system.

If you want to increase your GPU utilization crank up your Supersampling. But I wouldn’t overfocus on that number, it is a bit of a red herring.


I agree! This is why Pimax should clearly describe via tool tip what the individual settings are exactly doing. Since most people dont know what the settings are doing or misunderstand the settings in Pitools. It´s obvious that people think, if they crank up “GPU Catalyst” they will gain more performance. Which is not the purpose of that setting.

For example the tool tip for “GPU Catalyst” is: “Adjust carefully, too high value may cause abnormal picture”

This leads totaly to misunderstanding or to not understand what it´s for.
It would be very nice, if Pimax could overlook the Tool Tips and give them some in depth explanations for better understandings.


I’m having the same issue. Pitool logo, then it closes. disappears from the tool tray if I try to click it, I’m on the 8k, not sure what SN since the sticker text has faded to nothing. I guess I’ll try to reinstall 258.

5K+ latest model (203 I think)

Tested this against 253 pitool - As was the best until this pitool.

No longer is there a performance drop. In fact 253 would have a drop every 2sec in 120hz mode. 259 is rock solid and still with the great performance. Well done Pimax.

I have noticed the most about the improvement in pitool is if you peer through the nose gap the controllers line up exactly with the controllers in both real life and VR. this was not the case with previous pitools. not sure what version this was corrected with but another plus.

144hz mode is just slightly blurry for me than 120hz mode. This is only slightly and most notable in steamvr desktop with text on the screen. I think Ill be staying with 120hz mode for the momdent. Still need to test in skyrimvr to see which I like best as like I said its mainly with desktop text.

And yes I have the dimmed screens

Overall this is the best pitool to date for me. Shame about the dim screens and the slight blur in 144hz. Man if pimax just sorted out there support and order update process they would be killing it with the best HMD.


Tested latest pitool 259 and yes…got dimmed displays too.
Tried reverting back to 255 firmware and still getting dimmed displays.
204 and was on 72 hz before upgrading.

any solution ?

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You need to reinstall pitool 144 to have the backlight option available again and set it to high.

Then close everything and reinstall pitool 259.


I am not going to install 259 until majority of sim racers confirm it is faster than 253, but hint for fellow adventurous programmers regarding brightness setting - maybe it is just a registry setting? Registry activity can be monitored using Sysinternals Procmon :slight_smile:


Changes back to dim every time you change hz

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I agree. In general, you’ll only get the highest GPU utilization in benchmarks or ultra-high resolutions (including super-sampling).

What you should aim for is best “steady” framerate, which will vary according to the game and all the various graphics settings: in-game, in PiTool, and in the graphics control panel. What you don’t want is a high framerate with occasional (or frequent) stutters. This will be a balance between your CPU and your GPU, to minimize bottlenecks.

For example, in a game like Elite D, you want to tune your settings for planet surfaces and inside stations. If you get a good framerate under those conditions, you’ll get a great framerate everywhere else.

Ouch! That is most unfortunate.


Thanks @NoFear99 ,
Saw it above but you made it clearer thanks Man!!

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I have updated to the new pitool without problem with the firmware it was another thing. I have some issues always (with other pitools as well). Whenever I change the hz my hmd loses its track and I have to restart service and reboot hmd. With DCS in the last two pitools I can’t make work the FFR.
In DCS I get a really smooth experience in the sea, flying over buildings and terrain but when I fly over supercarriers I lose my smoothness even if my cpu and gpu are not maxed. It doesn’t matter if I use smartmoothing or not, if I lower to 64hz, if I lower resolution…

EDIT: related to DCS smoothness was the msaa filter. Without it, it runs smoothly over the supercarrier. Anyway even with the filter it doesn’t reach 100% the gpu.

I have the same problem, dim display after update…
8K plus sn 20630.
Pimax need to fix this asap, the Pi tool 144 fix, reverts to dim when changing hz…

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One more here whose Pimax5k+ has gone dim after updating Pitool to V1.0.1.259 and Firmware
Hello Pimax, do you hear us?

I always keep GPU catalyst value 0.0


0.0 is the only Catalyst setting which works well on my system (with an 8K). Higher settings cause stutters, double images, or other visual artifacts.


I’m using around 3.00 to 3.5 depending on game (which means settling on 3.0 as I don’t want to constantly change the setting) but haven’t tried that many games yet.