Pitool 18hz Brain warp for Demanding Games

Apparently allowing super low spacewarp makes playing demanding games at ultra settings a breeze.
After I saw this I was like. There has to be a way to get the Pimax to 18hz.

And before any body says 36 fps is too low. I don’t care :slight_smile: I want options VRflightSimGuy is having a blast and I want that too



I totally agree with you that 36fps is not too low. Been testing FS2020 a lot with Smart Smoothing on 8KX and as long as the framerate stays above 38fps, the image feels very smooth running in 75Hz/37.5fps SS. The problem is to keep it at 38fps+ :slight_smile:

Regarding the 18fps mode, I think its amazing that Oculus has achieved ASW with such low frame rate and refresh rate, and still keep it smooth. I could talk to the Pimax team and see if they could crate something similar with Smart Smoothing. Im afraid though that it may take quite some time…


Worth the wait. Games like fs2020 is not a highspeed game. I think maxing the details would be more important.

Im going to see if this works on quest.

Sure. Although, once we get to the point it runs stable above 40fps anywhere in the world, the current Smart Smoothing @37.5fps will really become the go-to solution for Pimax 8KX users. Just like ASW is for Oculus. The higher refreshrate the less artifacts.

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Simpler and better, would be a 45Hz mode. Some people might use that with Smart Smoothing, I would use it to disable Smart Smoothing in many cases.

But we are already waiting way too long for 60Hz!

ASW. Keyword there. ASW is nearly artifact free, because it works deeper in the 3D rendering pipeline. Smart Smoothing as it currently exists, perhaps anything running through SteamVR, is going to look awful at interpolated 18-38FPS . My own experiments with Smart Smoothing off and <40Hz refresh rates strongly suggest this is NOT a good investment.

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So what you’re saying is that Brainwarp has nothing on Space Warp

Couldnt agree more. While 38 fps is smoothing in flight sims as soon as you get into any sort of combat situation is a double image ghost fest when things are moving across the view. Need to put everything into fixing that first. I think 60hz is the bottom limit at the moment and sort of the sweet spot as far as DCS goes (ground attack) at least so i really hope that comes soon

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that explains why it works so well in fs2020.

aint much action happening in that game.

Would be nice to have the option.

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