Pitool 254_ALPHA no stutter/judder confirmed

On the 8K, PiTool froze my entire PC when changing refresh rate.

Without hesitation, it was removed.

My stuttering somehow got worse with this version. In Stormland i was getting aggresive stuttering every few seconds. Also noticed in steamvr home. I couldn’t stomach an hour to test crashing or stability though. Still, good to see some effort from pimax, I hope this gets sorted soon. Back to .144 for now.

same here pitool crashes after around 1h, hmd gets disconnected and won’t reconnect even after restarting the hmd + pitool several times (the pimax logo flashes up (in the hmd) for a second after restarting pitool but then the screens just stay black). had to revert to 180 (202 serial here)

Can this information be passed along when they return from the new year perhaps to look into a bug that occurs after about an hour in the Alpha build?

Just fill out in Report Bug sub category.

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I can confirm that with new Pitool Alpha coupled with the Special 5k+ Serial 2026 Firmware P2_RELEASE_M262_t20200121150740_r7ae32a8.dfu , now 110Hz finally works with my 5K+ ver. 202 !!!

Hooray !! :star_struck:


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Can this firmware be used for serial 203?


My firmware is 255.248 and when update by pitool, it show the firmware is up to date.

When I try to update the firmware manually, the refresh rate has only " 64, 90 , 120 Hz".

That firmware as stated in release is for serial 202. No other headsets.

After this Update (for a SN 2026***) the headset crashes after every 30 min… just goes black. Unusable currently.
Have to try a downgrade of the firmware, someone knows where to finde the old firmware versions?
Thanx in advance.

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Here is pitool 249

Folks have reported not needing to down grade Firmware. Simply install 249 or 253 if you were using 254a pitool. Earlier pitool 245 to 254 all have the same firmware. 254a has a Seperate link for manual Firmware for 5k+ serial 202 headsets only.

Just to Confirm you have an 8k+?

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I have a 5k+ (sorry forgott to mention that) and SN 2026xxx
Do I understand right, you mean, the problem may be in the pitool app not the firmware - right?
Just going back to a former pitool version and this may be solved? :wink:

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Yes going using a different pitool solves the problem, no need to downgrade but you can not use it at 110.

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That’s correct. You shouldn’t need to roll back firmware from others reports. (Missed the 202 part when I read your post)

Were you a 5k+ backer or pre order?

a backer, unfortunately with early black dots panel …the black dots are a shame, but I gave up with pimax support

already testing with the former pitool version :wink: hopefully it wont crash during my walking dead session

THANX for helping out!


I’d recommend checking with pimaxquorra in a pm as the early days support was having a lot of issues with the systems.

He can likely help you out.

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Cool, good to know - will try that! already had 4 tries with two different support sites, but got only "get rid of " answers :wink:

Thanx again for pointing that out!


Just to follow up on my report about headset loosing connection and blacking out, requiring a restart. It happened three times for me, after that I was extra careful to connect the DP connector properly (I am using a cheap mini-DP adapter, should probably get a better one), seems that fixed the issue.
My feeling is that in the past, when DP connection was lost for a moment, the headset would black out momentarily and then come back on, but now it just looses connection and doesn’t reconnect if there is a problem with the DP port connection.


I had it blackout on me yesterday too. I needed to reboot it. I played several times before without blackout though (allways about 1 hour).