Pitool 260 So far, so good

Got the new 260 build of the Pitool and so far so good. No tracking issues as of yet and it’s been stable so far. I’ve only had time for a short test, will report more back later.

Pitool 260 - http://pitool.pimax.com/PiToolSetup_1.0.1.260.exe


How is the GPU utilization?


It installed without a hitch on my system. I haven’t done much testing, but it had a bit more trouble detecting the base station, compared to recent PiTool versions. I only tested that once, so I’ll report any more issues on this thread.


any changes or improvements ?


Not that I noticed. The Backlight Brightness option is still missing. That’s the feature I miss most.


I would like to have an option to turn off the Led on the front of the Hmd .
As a guy who codes, this is a pretty easy job . @PimaxQuorra


Did Pitool ever had a Backlight option?

Which Pitools was that?

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Updated and Tried Beat saber for 30 min. First 2 songs were alright in terms of tracking. After that, it was crazy again :frowning:

Other than that, backlight brigthness option is still not available, but it’s not dark anymore.

I kinda like this pitool so far.


The low brightness backlight issue should be improved fixed.

if the backlight not change , try to reinsert the headset or restart the pitool

It is a beta quick release to fix I believe mainly the low brightness issue that occured with 259. Not at home atm. Will post it in release notes when get a chance.


Yes I think pitool 244 has the option to adjust panel backlight. It was removed to re evaluate. Hopefully it is restored in a future update soon.


Did it work on the XR? The problem with the XR, is that is ‘very’ dim

What are the improvements of 260 compared to 258 ?

I tried Skyrim and Project cars with 110 hz on the 8k+ everything is more lifelike smooth and the sense of speed is great! I only see small like leakage in this mode, a small wihite bar on both sides, luckely no dim displays. Happy they kept the upscaler on the 8kX to have this option for some games


Round 2 of testing didn’t go too well. Half-Life Alex is crashing to desktop on loading of save game or at some random point minutes after. Also performance in HLA seems worse, although Valve updated the game today so I can’t confirm if it’s related to 260. On crash PiTool starts the BaseStation icons flashing blue and grey. Does anyone know what this indicates?

I hadn’t really noticed the dimming issue in 259, but this version does feel dimmer. I ended up playing the Brightness/Contrast to sort of compensate (-1/+1).

In 259, I had SteamVR apps that would load but wouldn’t respond to input. That issue appears resolved.

I still can’t open PiTool if my headset is on and connected. I have to turn off the headset, start PiTool, and then power on the headset.

I did a clean install of PiTool to see if that fixed anything but as best I can tell it didn’t make a difference vs upgrading from 259->260. Can someone confirm that these are the right folders to delete for a clean install?
c:\Program Files\Pimax


Erase pitool and/or pimax folders on appdata/localow and appdata/Roaming

Best pitool version so far

253 is faster , and better if you do only simulation i guess.

But 260 is great, 120 and 144hz on normal FOV modes are great now!

Distorsion profiles are cool too…


I am not sure. @john2910 has or had an XR he might be able to answer that question.

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i had , i sold all my pimax headsets…

Did you test the XR brightness with Pitool 244.

Why did you sell them?

so is IC dropping worse in 260 than 259? or slightly better?

It works way better than 259 and no more dimmed backlight issue,Thanks for the post and link.Jesus is the same yesterday,today and forever.