Pitool 271 one Basestation is Blu the other is Grey

Please help me for the setup

After Windows 10 boot
I connect the headset
and then Run Pitool 271 FW 298 later version

Pitool shows a room setting procedure:
I close the windows because i would like to check the status before making other steps of the set up

I have HMD recognized with his name "Pimax Vision 8K X " and One Basestation (The first) is blue
while the other basestation is always grey inside pitool

No issues in diagnose

Naturally The basestations are both On with White led

I have found that the Basestaion in front of Hmd is that “works” (blue fixed in pitool)

If i put off this basestation and i repeat the procedure putting on only the basestation
behind the hmd then Both the basestations are grey in Pitool

Reboot Hmd and restart Service have no effect

I also tried to move the base station behind the headset

Is this normal ?

Because I don’t Know if TO HAVE BOTH BASESTATIONS BLUE FIXED in Pitool is necessary before making a room setup

So please give me an explanation to what i have to do next

If you want tracking from 2 base stations then you do need both base stations to be blue in pitool. Are these base stations version 1.0 or 2.0?
Are the base stations on the same channel? If so, try changing the channel on 1 of them.


Thanks for the answer

I have basestation 2.0

Ok, before making a room scaling inside pitool /steam vr i need to have both base stations blue. Instead the bastation behind the hmd is grey in pitool

I believe that To be on the same channel one basestation should be blue and one flashing blue but i am not sure. Instead one is blue , the other is grey.

Do you think that changing the channel of the basestation behind the hmd i will be lucky because both the basestations will come blue in pitool ?

I am passed from the terror of both Basestations grey to a hope of a solution

After i have put off completely the pc
I have restarted
Launched Pitool
Pitool Shows the room setting Procedure
I have closed

This time i went to see Light console program
and i have found the LHR XXXXX (missing before)

When i have put ON the other Basestation

Lighthouse console started to saying
Sync on beam channel conflict 0
Sync on beam channel conflict 0

Yes perhaps i have to change the channel of the basestation behind the headset


Good Night


Base stations need to be set to different channels from each other.


Yes change the channel on 1 of the base stations, its very easy, on the back of the base station is a very small hole, you need a pin or something similar to press into that hole while the base station is on, doing this will change its channel. By default when they’re new they’re often on the same channel.



If you may try to change the basestation channel.

Channels can be changed by inserting a straightened paperclip into the hole on the back of each base station to press the button therein , with each press incrementing the channel by one. The channel of each base station can be checked in SteamVR.


Thank you to everyone

Success !!!

I have changed the channel of the basestation behind the headset

The hole is very little

First , i was discorauged … what i have at home to make the operation ?


I have some screwdriven tips.

At second attempt i have changed the channel and the colour of the second basestation went from grey to Blue

Now Both the basestations in Pitool 271 are blue.

I have also made another try using the everyday procedure to start VR
I am writing and both went blue

Then i have paired Index Controllers: Very easy task

When i have moved the HMD for pairing controllers

first BS was blue, while The second Began to flashing blue


At the end I moved again the Hmd over the table in the centre of the game area

Both Basestations blue Again in Pitool and of course also Index controllers until they are on

Later or tomorrow i will make another topic on Pimax forum " Room scaling with Pimax"