Pitool 272 installation

I need help, please give me a suggestion

My idea was

B) manual flash of the firmware with DFU.EXE
c) Execute Pitool 272

All this to try to avoid auto installation of the firmware that could go bad

The fact is that i don’t know if Pitool 272 ask for installation of the firmware the first time you put on the headset
because if pitool 272 ask this i could answer “NO” and then flash with DFU.EXE

What i have to do?

is the status of the panel a possible problem source flashing firmware before running Pitool?
Perhaps if i run pitool 272 , led status should change to green, the hmd will be recognized etc
But i have this fear of the firmware auto installing

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I think general census atm is to install 271



And only to know , What happens with 271: still I have auto installation fw ?

With auto installation Does pitool ask for installation fw or not ?

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I think iirc with the 8kX you may need to manually update firmware.

But yes were still working on getting them to ask permission to update firmware vs forced.


I like this.

Are you talking of a future Pitool/Fw ?

Yes still working on the idea that updates should be a question with firmware. With maybe an option to roll back at least to prior version easily maybe like a driver rollback in windows.