Pitool 273 and firmware 299

After upgrading Pitool and Firmware my 8KX’s screens are constantly flashing. Is there any sollution?



I did follow the suggestion by @spamenigma and it helped me alot

If it’s the flickering when at 90hz you need to download and install the firmware manually, although the version numbers match there is a known issue with the auto-applied firmware. It’s catching a few people out that I’ve seen.

Firmware here: P2_RELEASE_8KX_M299_t20210922093742_r6066b70.dfu - Google Drive

Run dfu.exe from the pimax\runtime folder and install that file. (default path C:\Program Files\Pimax\Runtime)

Should sort the flickering at 90hz.


Ah thanks!! That worked.


So, when I did this…and then reselected 90Hz…it bricked my 8KX and now the PC can’t even see it in PiTool at all. Has anyone else seen this?

No, but you should be able to get the headset into download mode and then re-flash it. I know firsthand that it can be problematic to do that successfully, but it’s very hard to actually brick a Pimax headset. Good luck!

Why do we always have to go through backchannels to download firmware that supposedly fixes 90hz? Whats the deal? I have a fiber cable, latest pitool…latest firmware, and still have flicker-outs like always… Whats the deal? Does anything really work? I have a 3090, latest nvidia drivers…

I do wish Pimax published an easy-to-find link to all the various PiTool and firmware versions. As for flicker-outs, I think the problem is that Pimax is pushing the limits of the technology. While I have had issues with a few firmware versions, for the most part, my 8KX is generally stable, even at 90 Hz.

I think in most cases, the cable is at fault, but I also think that some headsets just aren’t as stable as others, probably due to manufacturing variations.


Editing my post. I just realized I have an ever so slightly different version of 299 than is posted here. I’m honestly too scared to try it to find out I have to go through a multi step upgrade/downgrade process again. :frowning: