Pitool and Firmware Progress Advisory 4th September 2020

Dear all,

Alex here from Pimax, Project Manager for Pitool. To ensure the improvement continues in future time, I will be announce the Pitool and Firmware Progress every week.

4th September 2020

Pitool :

Current progress:

  • Enhance the color brightness of the headsets, include Artisan/5K Plus/8K Plus etc.

  • Add the backlight adjustment function key on 8KX.

  • Add Pimax VR Experience.

  • Optimize the Eye Tracking overheat issue.

  • Bugs fixing.

Upcoming :

  • Restructure UI / UX

  • Optimize the tracking accuracy for ET Module.


Current Progress :

  • Fix the backlight flickering problem in 8KX upscale mode.

  • Add backlight adjustment for Artisan/5K plus /8K plus/8KX, compatible with the next versions of Pitool.

  • Optimize the 8K Plus ghosting issue while running in 110Hz.