Pitool download dead

Hi, windows died so did a fresh install, trying to find a download for pitool but all links ive found on the website aren’t working, any help or suggestions welcome.

Have you checked #Pimax-pitool:Pitool-Notes category?

Yes sadly your link doesn’t work,

I have managed to find an installer save on a Google drive from someone and has updated to the latest one, just a shame it wasn’t direct from websites or any links on here.

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That’s odd: I just checked and that link goes to the download site just fine for me. The latest version is v1.0.1.270
I wonder if your computer is blocking them?

Not sure what is up. Will report this.

If your willing to share will repost on my google drive. @Playa might already have it hosted.

Having the same issue tooo

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Could you please try this link?

We have informed the web developer to fix the broken link.


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That link is broken for me. Also pimax should be using https for security vs http.

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I managed to get it to download using incognito




Hopefully Pimax can start using hashes files to ensure downloads are not corrupted.

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