Pitool & Game Setting Guide

By popular demand, here I hope to offer some rudimentary guidance on where to find the new configuration spreadsheets, and what to do with them. Completing the overall project has been a priority, if anyone could follow along and create generic tutorial videos in the meantime, it would be greatly appreciated.

For any particular application (DCS World, Elite Dangerous, etc), there are two or three ‘param.ods’ spreadsheets. A Template and two copies - Checklist, and ‘Fast’. Occasionally, the checklist copies may have other variants - a checklist specifically for the Pimax 5k+ for example.

For all three spreadsheets, format is the same. Top-Left corner is a checklist of PiTool, SteamVR, and App settings. End users only need to configure their settings to match. In particular, there are exactly four numbers end users particularly need to be concerned with.

  • PiTool - Render Quality
  • SteamVR - SteamVR Settings > Video > Custom Resolution
  • SteamVR - SteamVR Settings > Applications > [App] > Custom Resolution
  • App - Pixel Density (or whatever the application’s built-in supersampling setting is)


  • Latest maximum resolution settings.
  • Latest VR headset and PC hardware comparison data.
  • Most up-to-date comments for developers.


  • Complete specification of application visual quality settings and graphics driver control panel settings.
  • Less demanding resolution settings.


  • Specifically intended for competitive scenarios requiring absolute minimum latency.
  • Minimal resolution/quality settings.

Eventually, small programs may set profiles of these values automatically. For now, batch files are available to copy/paste SteamVR settings files.

A far larger project - extendedInterface - incorporates these spreadsheets. The repository is well worth exploring.