PiTool IPD Offset Useful for Lazy Eye | Squint | Strabismus?

Hi guys, I have a question regarding IPD.

I have had a few headsets over the years, but they all cause me issues with my lazy eye.

Essentially they all make my problem worse, if I use a HMD for a little while, when I take it off I have double vision, which can last for a few weeks until my left eye decides to become lazy again! I think what happens is the image being displayed in the left eye ‘wakes’ up my left eye. Usually my brain does a good job of filtering out part of the image coming from my left eye, otherwise I would have permanent double vision. I do have some vision in my left eye. but it is very weak, my right eye has excellent vision, well, at least when I have my contact lenses in!

I have been hoping that one day a HMD will exist that allows independent adjustment of the IPD for each lens, or independent lens position to compensate for people like me who have lazy eye/squint/strabismus.

Then today I stumbled across PiTool and what looks to be the ability to adjust IPD independently. But I am not sure if that is actually the case?

So my question is, can a Pimax HMD with PiTool be utilised in such a way to allow me to enjoy VR once again?

Or is there some other way that I can independently adjust the lens or image position?


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Yes, you can alter the IPD individually. Try this method maybe: Pimax IPD Tutorial - How To Set Pimax 8KX IPD Offset Correctly! No More Eyestrain! - YouTube

(That vid is the 8KX, but the method is the same for any of the headsets)


In theory it may help. But would either need feedback from users with similar vision considerations.

As mentioned the soft ipd adjusts the image position per eye. The mechanical adjustment moves the lenses in unison. The soft adjustments can adjust per eye up/down, Left/Right.

If you make a purchase through Amazon you could try one and see if it will work for you.