Pitool on the website

i am a happy new owner of a 5k +
but i do not know or look on the website to find the download of the new version of pitool, or can i find it?

Thank you for your help :blush:

EDIT - April, 21 - New link:

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this link is dead, it is misleading new users as it still pops up in the search results, nobody did do nothing to correct this as of march 2021

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I did post the link in November 2019… :wink:

Here’s a new one:

BTW - I’m not affiliated with Pimax so I just posted it to help a fellow user… :upside_down_face:

EDIT: @bigo93’s right about the redirect screwing it up.

This link seems to work (and redirect properly to the EU site for me): https://www.pimax.com/pages/pitool-download

The site’s regions redirect have never worked.

I have always received a 404 page!

Click the link to get to the 404 page, then on the top menu bar click on Downloads - PiTool Download

This will then load the page properly

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