PiTool PE Installation Bug

On a brand new windows install where PiTool has never been installed before.

When installing the Pitool when it gets to the PE 0.73 installation part
it fails saying Pitool isn’t installed and that the installation will Quit. (the PE installation part)

Once that happens I went to install the Pimax Experience 0.84 (recent version) myself and it installs no problem.
I’m guessing that while installing Pitool for the very first time on a Virgin Windows. Its looking for something that isn’t there until the first installation finishes.

This could be very disturbing to a new Pimax user who is installing Pitool for the first time. And gets this error.

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should a first time user use a beta? I think no. this is intended for experienced users.

lol…it will only be a problem if they don’t fix it.

"Lets wait until after it exits Beta to mention it… they will probably catch it and fix it by then… "
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All pimax software so far has been more or less public beta. That being said @drowhunter is not a new user and quite experienced. :wink:

However unofficially released or not the pitool beta should not create an issue with installing PE.

So the bugs he is pointing out is valid. Save should be using latest unofficially released Pitool Beta with newest PE Beta. :beers::wink::+1::sparkles:

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what did you mean by this?

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Thanks for the heads up @drowhunter. This will be solved in the next version of PiTool bundled with PE.

It happens because we missed the fact that some variables in PiTool installation happens after PE installer gets executed. The PE installer is looking in the registry for the current PiTool installation directory. While PiTool is installation for the first time, PiTool haven’t put the value into registry. It gets added right at the moment when PiTool installation is finished.

Anyway, this will not be a problem anymore in upcoming versions!


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Yeah…, sorry, i was drunk :see_no_evil:


Well you mentioned pe 74 was not working but pe 84 is. So newest version of PE should be used with latest pitool. :beers::wink::vulcan_salute::sparkles:

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i’m sure it would have worked if I ran 74’s installer separately.

It was the built in one that was failing.

@SweViver was the plan to have two separate installers back to back?

would it not make more sense to just roll it into one install just like PVRHome was already included in the past?

or are the Pimax team looking to decouple PVR Home completly from Pitool?

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There will be incremental updates and bundled versions while it’s still in beta. The incrementals will occur between bundled versions.

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Actually it’s intended for beginners and experts alike. The idea is to make PE a “must have” tool. I think the upcoming version will make huge strides for beginners.

The fact that version .84 updates and maintains steamvr with all the right configuration changes (changes steam has a habit of reverting) - is big for everyone because its a huge hassle to check between game launches.

Ease of use and automation is a key development goal.


This will be made even greater with addition of online profile downloads


Pimax should aim for a rolling release model with updates for example rolling out for oculus compatibility and bug fixes. With big updates released here and there.

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Eventually the plan is for Pitool to update PE from the outside with single click user interaction. For now updates will be incremental between bundles.


Actually what I mean is patches to a current release in pitool between major version updates… Ie bug fixes and component updates like Oculus compatibility.


The plan is to have:

  • Stable PE versions bundled with each PiTool release
  • Stable + weekly minor bugfix PE releases available in forums as standalone installers, and also available for download directly through PiTool notifier (just like firmwares and new PiTool versions, where PiTool shows notification in Settings General that a new version is available).

We are still waiting for the team to finish up the notifier functionality on PiTool side…


Do you mean like a public Test channel instead of go on forum and try to find unofficial firmwares
all named 294?

I’m all for that

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What I dont understand is why we dont just keep updating a page/thread here in this forum with all firmware and PiTool/PE files and a short description for each.

I think its quite problematic that people dont find latest firmware updates and even new PiTool/PE versions unless its officially pushed with notification inside PiTool application.

Maybe its just me, but I have always been struggling to find things (especially file downloads) in this forum.


Well Both Pitool and Firmware are supposed to be pushed through the online checker.

When @Alex.liu releases an updated pitool and firmware it is posted in #Pimax-pitool:Pitool-Notes. However 2 different releases should not have the same release number


I’d still very much like the “opt into beta” option (maybe even for PE, firmware and PiTool seperately)… :wink: