PiTool seem to not support multi users as expected (with suggestion fix)

Hi All,

Problem Description
I have a PC with 2 users (user A and user B).
I installed a new version of Windows 10 and the PiTool using User A profile. User B is the owner of that PC, so it is the main user.
User A: no issues most of the time (tracking was ok only in that user).
User B: no HMD tracking, although the LHses or controllers seem to be tracked.

Option 1: Install PiTool only in the main user profile (should have been User B).
Option 2:
From the main user (User B) do the following (should have administrator rights):

  1. Stop service: “PiServiceLauncher”
  2. Delete “C:\ProgramData\pimax\runtime\config\lighthouse” (ProgramData is a hidden folder).
  3. Restart the “PiServiceLauncher”.

Another suggestion was to copy: “C:\ProgramData\pimax\runtime\config” to “C:\Users{account}\AppData\Local\Pimax” but that did not seem to solve the issue for me.

I would like to thank @Doman.Chen for his assistance, it was not an easy issue but we found the solution at the end.

@PimaxUSA @Pimax-Support @Sean.Huang
I strongly suggest to give this issue some more thought and maybe have a better [edit]PiTool support for multiple users on the same machine, it is far from being a trivial solution and the scenario is easy to reproduce.



Yeah this is a fun issue with PCs having user profiles.

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