PiTool & SteamVR relationship

G’day, so I’ve had the 8kx for a week, still needs a fair bit of tweaking but for now with my limited understanding it’s ok.

I read some people are 6 months in and only just getting it optimised.

I have questions regarding relationships, not just the relationship between PiTool & SteamVR but also Software IPD & Hardware.

Since there is no wiki for Pimax, (I would donate to someone if they started one), it really is a grind and I don’t want it to take 6 months to figure it all out, I’m impatient and I want things now, that’s why I got the 8kx instead of waiting who knows how long for Index 2.

I’m wanting to understand thoroughly how the settings in PiTool affect settings in SteamVR and visa versa so I can find the balance between performance and quality for each game.
If there is was centralised information such as a wiki, the generous time giving experienced/knowledgeable in here wouldn’t have to answer any questions from newcomers and the newcomers wouldn’t have to ask questions.

Aside from PiTool/SteamVR I am still unsure of the relationship between Software IPD and Hardware.

My understanding is that Software IPD is used to correct size/scale and Hardware then brings it all into focus?

I have tried following instructions from pinned posts in here, but how are we meant to tweak Software IPD first and then Hardware when we don’t even know what the Hardware IPD is meant to be in the first place?

Anyway, I’m just wanting to learn as much as possible as quickly as possible, thanks.

Unfortunately the community has been trying to figure out some of these relationships for awhile.

Basic recommendation is to install PE(Pimax Experience) as it has some scripts to optimize the SteamVR settings file for pimax headsets.

Ipd there are a few ideas on how it works and some have found methods that work well for themselves.

Pitool Render vs SteamVR SS? Basic Pitool Render set to 1 or higher with a lower steam SS works better for visuals vs lower pi render with higher %SS in Steam.

Parallel Projections if a game loads with double Vision enable this. In games that do not need it have better performance.

Goto your profile pic on the Forum. Click on the Star

Table of Content Wiki has a collection of links to helpful info on Pimax Hmd and links to the new Guide Category(Table currently has more links)


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Thank you sir.

This info really should be up on the Pimax website, I don’t even know if there is a link to here from pimax.com - that’s just insane, as a digital marketing guru I can’t fathom it.
I would have bought the 8kx 10 times faster if there was an obvious link to here and a wiki page, but it took me loads of researching which HMD I wanted to buy to stumble across this forum, which this forum convinced me because I saw how even stupid questions were answered fairly quickly.

I will tear through the wiki.

Thanks again.


Your very welcome! We have a really great community here. And agreed pimax really needs to get some of these imho fairly basic concepts implemented to improve marketing and user experience.



On the wiki under “Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your 8KX” - 'Refresh Rate"

I think there is a typo, I think the poster means the opposite here:

“I think the 114Hz mode only makes sense for games which don’t benefit from high res. Any fast-paced game designed for standard (low res) VR headsets might be worth trying in this mode, for example Beat Saber. Flight sims, space sims, driving games, and movies probably benefit more from high res, instead of high framerate.”

He means fast paced games such as Beat Saber, sims etc benefit from high frames not high res, right?


Also the “Render Quality (Super Sampling)” answered my question regarding PiTool/SteamVR relationship in the first paragraph.

Pure insanity how this wiki isn’t obvious, it should be under the ‘Support’ menu on Pimax.com
Pimax sales would double.


I believe the Wiki entry your mentioning was created by @neal_white_iii.

Pimax needs to really get some of these things as you mentioned more visible on there main site. Maybe even providing links with quotes to some of these helpful community guides. @PimaxQuorra

Yes, but I don’t think there’s a typo. Here’s a breakdown:

  1. I think the 114Hz mode only makes sense for fast-paced games with simple graphics, like Beat Saber.
  2. The Native Res mode is best for movies, flight sims, etc., which need to show more fine detail.

Ah yes, the structure confused me as my brain interpreted the sentence as still flowing. I saw the full stop as a comma because of the next sentence.

If it was broken up like “Games such as flight sims, space sims…” or if it was the next line down I wouldn’t have been confused. Though you did have a capital F to start the next sentence.

Thanks for clarifying.

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