Pitool update problems

I just updated Pitool to and now my 5K+ doesn’t connect to SteamVR. I only get Pimax logo screen on headset while SteamVR reports being ready but nothing gets to the screen. If i select display mirror it only shows black screen.
Reverted back to 144 and it works fine. I’m on Windows 7, latest NVidia drivers. Any ideas?

Try pitool 253. Sounds lile firmware maybe didn’t flash correctly.

I tried latest 254 alpha, same thing. Also changing LED color works, i don’t think it would work without new firmware. Pitool says firmware version is V2.1.255.255.

Pitool 249 R255 on my 5k+, the colour can change from green to blue to aquamarine, however it does not stay that colour. When you change it to green from blue, turn everything off and close pitool, than restart pitool and turn the pimax hmd 5k+ back on, it goes back to blue. Should be a simple fix, wish they would get that one done…

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Newest firmware is 255 except for the 5k+ Serial 2026 that has a special release for that version.

Some others had an issue like yours and seemed to be related to a bad firmware flash.

With running W7 I would file a support ticket and have them have a tech take a look

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My Pimax 5k+ seemed to flash 100% perfectly with the latest pitool. Its just not holding the colour selected after you turn off the HMD and close Pitool. After you turn the hmd back on and open pitool the HMD is blue again instead of green. Super strange…

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Possibly a setting is sticking somewhere. We’ve seen similar issues like this in the past with other settings seemingly not saving.