Pitools and the PE keep losing my IPD and vertical settings

hey @SweViver… Question for you Martin! Often, when I start up VR, I find that Pitools and the PE show different IPD settings. What? Should they not be the same?
Also, every time I restart the computer and go in to Pitools and the PE, the system has reverted to my old ipd settings (pre-independent settings for each eye). So then I have to muck about in PE trying to remember my settings and re-establishing clarity.
Does anybody else have this issue? Is there some setting to ‘save’ the IPD settings in Pitools and ensure they match those in the PE?
I’m getting good performance now in DCS, but it’s a pain in the butt to have to reinvent my settings every time I fly.
In FS2020- I can’t get past 31fps no matter what settings I choose. I can make the GPU workload insanely heavy and the sim looks great and I still get 25-30fps.
If I reduce the quality options and resolution, nothing changes. The FPS stays the same, but the game looks much worse.
This is all very odd. It seems kind of silly to me that we have to customize settings in Pitools, steam, the PE AND the darn game just to get something remotely playable.
Anyhow, despite that, it’s clear the PE is getting better with each iteration. In an ideal world, we’d do away with the pitools interface and use only the PE.

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