PiToolSetup_1.0.1.245_R255_Beta bricked my HMD - Please help

The newest Pi-tool bricked my headset. Not only will the new Pitool not recognize my headset, I am unable to get it to be recognized with any prior version either. I have tried flashing the firmware on 2 other PC’s as others have suggested, with the same result. My headset is no longer recognized by any PiTool, but it is recognized by Windows under Devices. I can successfully flash any version of firmware, but the headset is still not recognized by PiTool afterward. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

UPDATE: So as it turns out, there was a heck of a coincidence going on. I have a custom extension cable on my 3 in one cable. Apparently, the connection where the display port extensions plug together were just loose enough to cause an issue - even though they were taped together. And this happened at the exact time I upgraded PiTool. So I naturally thought the issue was the PiTool upgrade. Pimax - Please accept my apology for blaming PiTool.

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By newest are you referring to 245? If so install 249.

Might need to run DFU.EXE from pitool directory. If headset detected here choose p2.dfu in DFudriver sub directory.

Mine is now also Bricked.
Thanks PIMAX!
Followed Directions from Sweviver.
No joy.
Hours later still stuck DFU mode.
Program even recognizes the headset but won’t download the firmware.
I’m so happy that as a consumer that I have use the command line interface and hope that the computer is seeing it for this to work. It sees it fine, but no download…
I now have an expensive paper weight.


Pimax headsets are hard to perm brick.

Can you provide details on your setup? Serial of headset.

There is a firmware 248 that can be diwnloaded. I never ran the Cmdline just executed Dfu.exe by double clicking in directory.

Are you using pitool 249?


Try the link mentioned here.

I had the same problem, it was fixed by doing this


see the following it may fix your problem

Sorry if this appears like a double post but I had this happen to me and i wanted to make sure you saw the reply. Lol I guess I could have PM’ed you


Tried both new pitool firmware and programs. 245 and 249… Coming from .144. Graphics told me to check my usb, so I unplugged it and plugged it back in only to see on a lower window that the firmware was being updated. So that was interrupted.
Tried on a separate machine to reinstall the firmware from .144 but it would not take…
I will try the m248…
Thank you for the help.
I will return with a report tomorrow.


Have tried to install M248, through the DFU.exe, but if the service is not running, it will not move forward from detecting the file after showing “browse” where to go.
If the services Are running, the computer does not see the device, coming up with a usb error. Pointing the Cpu at an earlier driver just gets you to driver up to date “best driver” already installed etc.
Using the command line, I seem to be able to flash new firmware, but everything else seems stuck in the above circle of events. Either cant recognize in normal mode (usb error) or if I stop service and put into DFU mode, it is seen, I can flash, but that is all that happens.

Any other help would be great!.


When you plug the device in and look in the Device Manager, do you see a device called Guillemot DFU or something similar?

Apparently windows did an update to its driver and it can cause this problem. That’s why moving to another computer and following @SweViver 's guide finally worked.

Maybe you have bad luck and the same bad driver is installed on your other machine too


Hmm… Yeah @drowhunter suggestion is best to checkout.

I had problems with pitool recognizing the headset in 245 but running DFU it would see the headset and allow flashing. But had to do it a couple of times before it took properly. While others had a simple xp.

I would also file a ticket as you might need a teamviewer session to resolve this. If you have access to another pc; even if not strong enough to use headset you might be able to flash the firmware on it.


He said he unplugged the usb while the firmware was flashing.

“so I unplugged it and plugged it back in only to see on a lower window that the firmware was being updated. So that was interrupted.”

I would open a support ticket as if there is a way to brick a Pimax, I’m thinking that would do it.


Finally got it to take firmware 212 that is with pitool .144.
I ended up starting windows again from scratch. That got rid of the bad driver.
Installed pitool .144 and plugged it into a usb 2.0 port. And then it finally recognized the headset. USB 3.x would not recognize it and showed an error in device manager.

I have serial 202 btw.

Thanks for all your help @Heliosurge @dogbite @drowhunter!


Glad you could get it to flash. :+1:


First time Pitool did the update it got stuck right at the end of the install, I did a reboot and it was saying headset undetected, I then went to the folder C:\Program Files\Pimax\Runtime\dfudriver
And run stm_dfu_3040_64.exe as administrator and it installed and worked straight away.


Hi all.i got my 5kxr a while ago and never updated pitool for fear of not getting it to work again…thought by now most updates would roll out pretty smoothly so stupidly i tried to update pitool to 245 on xmas eve.have not been able to boot it up since.i have went through the forums and tried absolutely everything i have found and still getting 10600 error msg.everything else is showing up ok in diagnostics.was abs fine before update.5 days messing around it now.feel like.selling it.:tired_face:have got a ticket and lodged a request for remote support…have missed a load of my league races online so thought id just try here for any new suggestions.cheers

Have you tried pitool 249?

I also ran DFU.exe from pitool directory choosing p2.dfu in Dfudriver subdirectory.

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Hi mate.ueah ive run it from DFU.exe and from the flashing tool with everything pimax not running in task manager.tried .249 also
Tried switching ports.loads of different pitools.older firmwate.uninstalled and reinstalled gpu drivers.
Not sure if i can do anything else.been toying ith it past 4/5days and just over it now
.really wish i hadnt touched and just stuck with what was working.forgot how long it took to get it to work when i got it…hopefully i can get a remote session soon

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If you have your Ticket number post it here & @Asales might be able to help get a tech assigned quicker.

Hope it helps(#21667)

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