Planning to buy a Pimax 8k but need to confirm if something works on the headset

Hi everyone, I am currently developing a flight simulation on Aframe (WebVR). For people who are not familiar with Aframe, it is a framework built on top of WebVR that allows us to view VR content on the web. Most modern browsers support it and currently I test with a lenovo mirage solo which has a resolution of 2560 x 1440. My current problem is that the text is not visible clearly at arms length(measurements matched to actual dimensions). Since the cockpit of a flight has a lot of tiny text which are barely visible I was hoping that the Pimax’s resolution can help improve the experience. Can any current owner or people who are developing check the below link and let me know if they are able to read the text from the color coded box and let me know. (Currently I am able to read the text on the cockpit if I am standing inbetween the green cube and the cockpit) Any feedback is greatly appreciated. I have also attached an image for reference of how it looks inside the experience.